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White Light

Posted in Poetry with tags , on October 7, 2014 by belfastdavid

I retire to bed, close my eyes,
am suffused by white light.
I realise I have read
of this phenomenon;
people see the light
on their way to the other side
and I find I have no fear.

But I awake this morning,
so clearly
this is not my time
and I must go on.
Whether I am grateful or not
it is difficult to decide.


It’s good to be here

Posted in Poetry with tags on January 5, 2012 by belfastdavid

Midnight, New Year’s Eve,
sat alone,
looking out
as fireworks
light the skyline
across the city.

Lonely? –
ran across
the surface of my mind,
slid out over my shoulder,
down my back
and, barely stopping,
left my body
via the big toe
on my left foot
before scuttling
across the floor
to become trapped
by the spider’s web
in the cubby hole
behind the cooker.

Grateful? –
stayed with me,
helped me celebrate
the start of a New Year.