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Whitby Beach Huts at Sunset

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When you stand in Whitby and look out to sea you are, by a quirk of the coastline looking north, rather than east which you might expect.

The result of this is that around midsummer the sun both rises from and sets in the sea.

I have spent many happy hours either on the top or on the promenade by the beach huts watching sunsets.

It is an activity I never tire of.

And now I will be able to see it by looking at a painting on my wall  🙂



Places where the Magic is

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These two paintings are of places which I visited and described, in words, in my book ‘First I Dreamt the Journey’.

Neither painting turned out quite the way I had anticipated when I started. Paintings seem to do that on me – somewhere along the line they take on a life of their own and I just have to go along with the flow. After all, I am making a painting, not taking a photograph!!  🙂


Fairy Dell

If you turn to your left as you step into the painting you will see a path.
It leads down to the stream which runs along the bottom of the dell.
That is where the fairies are.   🙂

Dark Hedges


If you ever visit Northern Ireland be sure to put this place on you ‘must see’ list.
The beech trees are over 300 years old so I guess they will not be there for ever.
Although they have been there, like this, throughout my life time.

Poetry and Painting combined

Posted in iPad painting using Brushes with tags , , , on June 1, 2012 by belfastdavid

I have recently become intrigued by the thought of combining my poetry and my painting in such a way that one image contains both a poem and a painting.

It seems to me that the combination may make an interesting work of art.

Sometimes the poem comes first, sometimes the painting comes first. And sometimes they just belong together.

These are the first three I have done.
Do let me know what you think.


Reality on Whitby Pier

In this case there was no question in my mind that the two belong together.

I have printed this off, blown up to poster size, and pinned it on the cork board in my kitchen.


In this case the poem came first.
I was looking through the poems which will be included in my new book and just thought – I could paint that.
Just for fun.


In this case the painting came first.
I took an extract from one of my poems because it seemed to fit.

Paintings from round and about

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Otley Chevin

I was prompted to paint this by my friend Paul who, in response to one of my previous paintings, said he missed his weekly walks up the Chevin.
I guess the landscape in Florida is rather different from the landscape in Yorkshire!

Bolton Abbey

A painting inspired by a poem

Posted in iPad painting using Brushes with tags , , on May 12, 2012 by belfastdavid

La Petite Mort

On the back seat of a car, in a secluded clearing,
with the theme song from ‘Local Hero
playing on the stereo, two people
couple with such intensity
that for a moment the forest falls still;

the woodpecker pauses in his drumming,
wood-nymphs cover their eyes
and their ears with their wings,
and a robin, nearest to the scene,
begins to doubt his own ability.

Meantime, a sparrowhawk,
searching for other prey, looks down in wonder,
wonders if, for those two people,
life will ever be the same again, then swoops
to change the life of a coal tit for ever.


Some Whitby Paintings

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I am posting these paintings by way of a progress report really I guess.
They represent as much as anything else a process of learning. Not only about painting itself but also about how a painting looks when I transfer it from my iPad.
I have discovered I need to be aware of what it looks like after printing.
I remember hearing David Hockney talking about just this on a television programme.  I didn’t understand what he meant then but I do now.


Towards Sandsend

If I had known, before I started, how challenging this painting would turn out to be I might well have not started it at all!
But there you go – Story of my life really.
And if I was to do it again I would probably do it differently.  Story of my life again!

But it is what it is and I learnt a lot along the way.

Whitby Abbey

This is another painting which gave me real challenges.
Tikarma very generously provided me with advice and guidance without which the painting would surely have finished ‘in the garage’.
The quality of the finished painting is down to me – not down to the quality of Tikarma’s advice which was really helpful.
The other challenge with this painting was for me to understand how it would look.
It looks really good when printed on a good quality printer. (I don’t have a good quality printer but I know a man who does! :))

If you take two paces back from the screen you get a clue!!!

Whitby Pier

This painting was done just because it was tremendous fun to do!
What it is all about really!  🙂

Oh, and one other thing –
I don’t half get a good feeling when I see one of my paintings framed and hanging on my wall!!!

North Yorkshire Moors – Hole of Horcum

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Anyone who has travelled the road from Pickering to Whitby across the moors will know this particular landmark.
And, most likely, stopped the car to get out and have a look!

I have a friend who tells me she has spent many happy hours with her husband and her dog walking the Moors here. (The dog sleeps all the way home in the car!)

And there used to be a significant number of hang gliders who would gather. Although I haven’t seen any there for a long while now.