My latest book –

is available from Valley Press –

It is also available via Amazon and can be ordered in any branch of Waterstones

To order my previous books click on “Walking into Eternity” in my Blogroll

My first book  –  published in 2006 by Flux Gallery Press. A CD is available to purchase separately

Christina Hardyment (The Times) – “arresting reflections on his own journey through life”
Jane Stevens (Addiction Today)    – “To be moved and re-inspired as a professional, or on your own personal journey, I recommend this book and CD wholeheartedly”
Jane Bluett (Lapidus Quarterly)      – “His work will strike many chords with those, who likewise, find themselves on a road to recovery”

My second book  – published in 2008

This book is not poetry, rather poetic prose – a book length prose poem if you like. It is written as a series of guided visualisations which all help with the process of recovery. If the reader is prepared to take the time and do the visualisations they will find themselves able to better experience their own journey.
This book is also available on Kindle

My third book  –  published in 2010

The third, and final, book in the trilogy reflecting on Recovery
I promised my mother before she died that there would be another poetry book. One of the joys of my recovery is being able to keep promises.
Enjoy too the pleasure of listening to David read his own words – a CD comes free with every book.


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