Modern Trends

I walk into the supermarket,
pick up the groceries I want,
take them to a machine,
pay my money into the machine,
pack my shopping into bags and leave.

I walk into the library,
put my returned books into a machine,
pick up the books I want to borrow,
put them into a machine,
put my library card into the machine,
pick up my books and leave.

There is a trend it seems
towards reducing person to person
contact to a minimum.
So I am grateful this morning
when I go visit my hairdresser.


29 Responses to “Modern Trends”

  1. It’s so sad really isnt it? It’s a while since Ive been to a library and had no idea they used machines too! I think that’s horrible. How impersonal the world is now. I just hope you weren’t put in a machine at the hairdresser’s! 😊

    Love you loads

    • My hairdresser did threaten that she might get a robot in Christine!!! 🙂
      I am refusing to use the machines at the library and insisting on talking to people!!! 🙂

      Love you loads
      David xxx

  2. Oh David, such a sad commentary on the times. I am fortunate that most of the places I frequent are staffed with actual people. I have seen a few shops here with such machines to take your money, so far they are few and far between. I refuse to use them and fortunately can get much of what I want from the local markets each week.

    • It is sad Lea,
      We are social animals and that communication with people is important in our lives I think.
      When I go out for coffee I insist on using cafes where there is personal service 🙂

      • Absolutely David! I am so very fortunate to live in a very social environment. Here it is kisses, kisses and more kisses. I’ve decided that I am tough and can do this.
        That is until we all meet up in Christine’s garden. That will be a social event! 🙂 Léa

      • Big 🙂
        I am all for kisses, kisses and more kisses Lea
        And hugs too for that matter 🙂

        That would indeed be a meeting to savour


      • 🙂 David, a man after my own heart. I also feel strongly about smiles and perhaps you concur? They are contagious so please spread them around! 🙂 I like to pop in on older neighbours who are not able to get out very much or are alone after a baking marathon and boy, do I rake in the smiles! I must confess to being a serious smile collector! 🙂
        Christine has offered to provide the coffee and I do have a knack with pastries especially yeast doughs and such. Jack will, no doubt, provide the entertainment. I feel a grand time will be had by all! 🙂 Léa

      • Big 🙂

        You would be very welcome at my house Lea with your smile and your cake

      • Big 🙂

        As would you here!

  3. completely true – we lose a lot to “modern conveniences” at times I think

  4. Ha Ha yes a haircut still holds it’s charms but it doesn’t get cheaper as there is less and less hair to cut! LOL
    Good one David!

  5. Wonder if the day is coming when we stick our head into a machine to get a hair cut… thanks for the chuckle! 🙂
    It seems a weird developement that on one hand people can not go out without talking on a phone to someoene unseen, and chatter via tablets, computers to “friends”… but going to the shopping center /library, can be a lonely experience … though the “robots” at the checkout are trained to say: “have a good day”
    Thank you for this poem,
    words with meaning and feelings to share!

    may poetry live for ever 🙂

  6. This inspires me…I shall get to writing on my laptop (irony intended)…

  7. […] Note: This post was inspired by the following blog post– Modern Trends […]

  8. Lol…. What a world, eh?

  9. Ha! Well done David! 🙂

  10. A very good and fun poem with a serious undertone. This trend should be stopped! 🙂 Machines! The library here has one too,( the shops not yet.) Human contact, even with the grumpy person at the check out, is always better than those machines!

    Arohanui ❤ xxx

  11. I bet you were ‘very’ grateful – what a relief!! 😀 That’s a very good point, and a clever way to present the question!

    I’m trying my best to avoid as many machines as possible. Cash machines are okay, but I’ve been used to those since I was a teen in the 80’s, maybe if they were new I’d be avoiding them too! My brother and I went to the cinema recently and it was all machines there, just one man checking tickets on the way in. I’m amazed they even had him. They probably won’t next time I visit. And gone are the days when they used to show you to your seat with a torch – I only just about remember that!

    I’m not a great fan of hairdressing salons, I’ve been cutting my own hair for years (saves a lot of time and money too!) but the thought of walking into a salon and it’s all machines, including the cutting – ugh – no thank you!! 😯

    • Thank you Suzy,

      I guess it is all an age thing. If you grow up in an age when it is all machines then you know no different so just accept it. But it makes me sad. I do remember usherettes with torches in the cinema 🙂

      I shall continue to avoid the machines where ever possible 🙂


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