Rhythm Of Life

“Every ocean” he said
“has a different rhythm”
and I see no reason
to disbelieve him.
Experience tells me this is so.

But you have to listen,
really listen,
listen hard
and listen long,
for while tide and time and season
may alter cadence
the basic beat
remains the same.

So I will aim
to spend my days,
sitting beside the ocean,
sitting silent,
sitting long.

Allow my body
to attune
to the rhythm which is there,
allow that rhythm
to soothe my mind,
to calm my soul.


22 Responses to “Rhythm Of Life”

  1. Hi David, I really love this poem, the calmness that comes from it and the acceptance in your words. Seasons may change, but the basic rhythm remains the same.

    I think we talked about different rhythms of seas and oceans before, but this seems a new poem to me. (My mind gets dusty) As a metapor it also works well 🙂 The North Sea really has a different “beat” than the Baltic or the Wadden Sea, or the Medditeranean. (I have been on the Irish Sea but I was too young to remember the rhythm:) )

    Wishing you a calm and peacefull beat for the time to come 🙂

    Arohanui ❤ xxx

  2. A lovely calming poem. I sense you may be picturing yourself after your move. You will then be able to sit silent and sit long 😊

    Love you loads

  3. Nice poem David. Sounds like a good plan — so long as the poet in you is not totally silent!

  4. This one’s a keeper David! Stunning poem. Sounds like someone’s hankering to get out of the City!
    If this is any indication I can’t wait to read what you write when you get to Whitby. Brilliant poem.

    • Thank you Res,

      I do suspect you know that place by the side of the ocean very well.
      I have often sat beside the Atlantic – it has a long slow very powerful rhythm which can be quite seductive.

      My very best to you my friend


  5. Reblogged this on resswritingandpoetry and commented:
    A lovely poem by my dear friend David Agnew. Master Poet.

  6. The ocean is such a crucial part of life I wonder sometimes how anyone can stand to live inland…

    • Currently Michael I live 90 miles from the sea. I hope soon to be living much closer than that!

      But I do appreciate that your country is so large that often people live so far from the ocean that perhaps they never see it in their lifetime


  7. beautiful! I may have to bring of copy of this on my tablet to Mexico next month 🙂

  8. A good way to look at life, I like to tune into the rhythm! 🙂 I actually went to visit the sea yesterday, it was misty, slightly cool day, I usually only go when it’s a lovely sunny summer day. It was interesting, there was absolutely no-one on the beach, the tide was almost in, and it was completely silent of people, just the waves and the seagulls. I wasn’t keen on what it looked like, but I loved the sounds – so incredibly soothing – the sounds of earth!

    • Ah Suzy, I love being on the beach when no-one else is there – makes me feel closer to nature somehow.

      There is a beach in Northern Ireland which stretches for miles.
      There is something quite awesome about being there on my own listening to the Atlantic.


      • Sounds good, I love beaches like that! I’ve only ever been to Ireland once, to Dublin near to where my Dad came from. We got to see his village where he grew up but never had time to explore some of those lovely beaches. I have a lovely picture of my Dad all golden brown and healthy on a holiday in Ireland in the 80’s with my brother, he looks so at home, so happy, and it’s a beach like you’ve described, I had no idea how lovely Irish beaches were! I have a really attractive one near me in Norfolk, not close enough though, it’s like a beach in France, such delightful light coloured sand, and horses just love to gallop along that beach, they love it too! 🙂

      • I have visited Norfolk beaches once or twice Suzy. They are certainly attractive but different from the beaches in Ireland because they are on a different ocean 🙂
        Put it on your wish list to visit Ireland and some of its beaches. My own favourite beach is White Rocks beach on the northern coast

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