Walking into Eternity

On Whitby beach  –  Late in December

12 Walking into Eternity
Walking into Eternity was the title of my first poetry book.
That book is no longer available.

So I thought I would paint this picture, based on an image on the cover, in order to be able to hang it on my wall as a reminder!!

(The original image was a photograph by Dan Lyons


19 Responses to “Walking into Eternity”

  1. It is lovely, David, and it gives so much meaning to the word Eternity 🙂 You should not have doubted! This must have been on the beach of Whitby? Or is it somewhere in Ireland perhaps? It could be here too. A beautiful sunrise. I think the sunrise (or sunset) is a symbol for the opposite of eternity, and I love that contrast here.

    Arohanui xxx

  2. You have done a fantastic job with this painting, and as we discussed it has definitely lots more atmosphere than the photo. The scene has really been brought to life in the painting.

    A lovely memory for your wall and something to be very proud of both in the painting and the book.

    Love you loads

    • Thank you Christine
      And for your support.

      It is fascinating how atmosphere emerges as I work on a painting.

      It will look well on my wall and I am proud of both

      Love you loads

  3. This is a lovely memory. Good for you, buddy!

  4. Anna Mark Says:

    Ah yes, I can see you there walking into eternity! I especially like the blue to the right and how the painting leads the eye to the left into the more ethereal white…of the sea… of the light…

  5. That’s a lovely painting David! I love silhouettes, they can be very striking and can make a very power full statement sometimes. So you have a good lasting memory of your book cover! 🙂

    Talking of your books, I was wondering if you would like one of your books featured in my sidebar next time I’m due to publish a post? I don’t charge – it’s all free! I featured one last month (still showing) and also at the bottom of the post as well. There were quite a few clicks on it over the weeks.

    I get quite a lot of Google searches now, and I thought it would make the finding of my blog a little more interesting. The book featured will change approximately every six weeks to a new book, but the links to the book within the post will remain there, unless you want it removed at some time. If you’d be interested let me know which one of your books you’d like to feature, and I’ll be very pleased to arrange it for you.
    Suzy 🙂

  6. Ethel says to tell you she really likes the abstract quality of your art, David. When you find eternity, though, you’ll tell us, right?

  7. Anna Mark Says:

    I haven’t seen a post in a long time, David, I hope all is well with you.

    • I am fine really Anna, thank you for asking.

      Some health issues and some other life issues which have kept me from blogging on here for a while. Hopefully I will be back soon 🙂

      You look after yourself


  8. Hello David. Like Anna Mark I came visiting to see if I had missed any new posts from you. I hope all goes well. I’ve enjoyed looking at some of your paintings and poems again. Enjoy the rest of this wet cold summer. We need your characteristic humour to get through it!

    • Thank you John for these kind and encouraging words.
      As I said to Anna I have had some health issues. And also I am hoping to move home in the foreseeable future.
      I have been restricting my online presence to Face Book for the moment as that has been enough for me to cope with. If you are on there please feel free to send me a friend request.
      However, just to prove I still exist I will put up a post today 🙂
      All my best to you

      • Well, you sound busy David. Good luck! I’m only on FB with my family but I’ve just read and chuckled over your new post. Al the best, John.

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