I watch the man,
running down the street
outside my window,
and wonder whether
he is running to, or running from.

It echoes with my nightmares
when I am either
running after
or running from
but never running to.

I guess running to
would be a dream
and not a nightmare,
but I never
have that dream.


19 Responses to “Running”

  1. Thoughtful and expressive post David

  2. Hi David, this is great, mysterious and I wonder too where: is he going to, and why you keep on running in that nightmare. I have had times of nightmares and I am glad it is over. Hope yours are too.

    Arohanui πŸ™‚ xxx

  3. Love it! I often wonder the same when I see someone running! But then Im alwys watching people and wondering.

    In my nightmares where I am running, its always away from something but I run and run but dont move; makes me shudder.

    I, also, dont dream of running to… 😊

    Love you loads

    • Ah Christine, people watching is one of my favourite past times πŸ™‚

      I wonder why we never dream of running to. Maybe we do, but we don’t remember those ones πŸ™‚

      Love you loads
      David xxx

  4. wonderfully drawn distinction between to, from and after πŸ™‚ nice write!

  5. Anna Mark Says:

    I also have scary running dreams where my legs don’t work, where my mind is striving to run but my body is not cooperating, I want to get somewhere but I just can’t get there. This is a nightmarish poem, honest, too, and tender.

  6. There is this tangle in the universe, David, that keeps you running down corridors that lead to other corridors where synapses fire like stars even when you are asleep. You are truly a poet. Even your nightmares and wishes for certain dreams run to poems. What a tangle of a poem this one is.

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