No, I don’t understand it either

As I walked
through the door
of my local supermarket

The man in front of me
gently caressed
his partner’s bum.

She said
“I don’t think
its warm enough
to have a barbeque.”


21 Responses to “No, I don’t understand it either”

  1. 🙂 This is so funny ! I like the title very much too!

    Much love

  2. Ha Ha The mind boggles! I’ve been amusing myself with all the various ways this could be read! Good one, my friend.

    • I did want Res to tap her on the shoulder and ask her. But I didn’t have the bottle!

      Anyway perhaps the speculation is more fun 🙂

      Thank you my friend


  3. This one comes with a whole story attached. Intriguing David.

  4. Haha! Love it! Maybe she has a numb bum! 😄

    Love you loads

  5. Love your sense of humour David!
    I suppose this might count as a ‘found’ oral poem?

  6. There were these two ships, you see, and they passed in the night, but even though their bows touched they didn’t see each other, not really, and then this poet chap came along and wrote this poem and said the whole thing didn’t make sense, and it was in that specific moment, that particular nanosecond of time!, that the universe changed, and none of us were any the wiser for it.

  7. This is definitely one of those “truth is stranger than fiction” moments…


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