05 Gone AWOL

No internet
No radio
Nor a phone.


an endless supply of good books
and a bottomless teapot.



21 Responses to “Gone AWOL”

  1. Ah , paradise 🙂 What a lovely summerhouse, where is that? 🙂

  2. This is wonderful! Such a move away from all the others. Im so impressed with this, well done you 😊

    Love you loads

    • Thank you Christine,

      I was pleased with this one.
      For about the past 10 days I have set aside a specific time each day to paint!!
      I guess that makes a difference!! DUH!! 🙂

      Love you loads

  3. Why didnt we think of this before??!! 😄😄 xxx

  4. Inside paradise the sky is so blue it paints the sunshine of your day and metamorphizes sayonara to a long echo of greetings that spill poems on the beach as seagulls fly and the waves sing endlessly of joy.

  5. I wish I was there right now 🙂

  6. O, reminds me of some Kho days with bungalow and endless clear waters.

    Have fun

  7. Wonderful, David! I can feel the sun on my back and taste the margaritas! Thanks so much, my friend. 😎

  8. Anna Mark Says:

    ah, why come home? where is home? lovely.

  9. That sounds like a good way to live to me!! 😀

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