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I watch the man,
running down the street
outside my window,
and wonder whether
he is running to, or running from.

It echoes with my nightmares
when I am either
running after
or running from
but never running to.

I guess running to
would be a dream
and not a nightmare,
but I never
have that dream.


The Poet At Rest

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10 The Poet At Rest

No, I don’t understand it either

Posted in Poetry on March 12, 2014 by belfastdavid

As I walked
through the door
of my local supermarket

The man in front of me
gently caressed
his partner’s bum.

She said
“I don’t think
its warm enough
to have a barbeque.”

A Dog’s Life

Posted in Poetry on March 6, 2014 by belfastdavid

Pondering on how
the world looks
from a dog’s point of view,

I lay down on the path,
cupped my chin in my hands,
and looked through
the bars of the gate.

The dog stood beside me,
looked at me quizzically.

We both began to bark.


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05 Gone AWOL

No internet
No radio
Nor a phone.


an endless supply of good books
and a bottomless teapot.