West Pier, Whitby

04 Whitby, West Pier


14 Responses to “West Pier, Whitby”

  1. Hi David, I am really glad you decided to post this one, as I like the colour blue so much. 🙂 I wrote a poem about it too, I shall try and find it. Lovely! 🙂 Arohanui xxx

  2. Yes, I remember it now! This is great! I love the depth to the sea against the sky. And the detail of the tiny boat too which shows the scale of it all. All lovely! It asks for a poem and Im sure you will have one tucked away somewhere even if you dont know it yet. 😊

    Love you loads

    • Thank you Christine,

      I likely do have a poem tucked away but for the tine being I intend to post paintings without poems and let them stand on their own 🙂

      Love you loads

      David xxx

  3. Hi David, I do like this for its naivety and clarity.

  4. Hi David,

    This is a most lovely painting. It has a dreamy like quality to me.
    I really like the deep blue and the way the pier just pops! It demands ones attention. 🙂

    I am always impressed by what you paint and your progress with each painting.
    Even though we work in different mediums it is always interesting to see the similarities. 🙂

    *sigh* That my row boat could make it to your shores. I would love to walk the pier with you. 🙂

    Wishing you much inspiration for many more paintings. 🙂

    and K’sOTC 🙂

    • Thank you Tikarma,

      I am never quite sure what it is makes a painting work 🙂

      So I will be experimenting In the future to see what happens!!!! 🙂

      Your encouragement and support are deeply appreciated

      and K’sOTC 🙂

  5. It is a beautiful blue and I enjoy all the shadows, too.

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