Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing 3


21 Responses to “Gone Fishing”

  1. This is fabulous David, full of atnosphere! And so much different from the first one after a few tweaks, which I didnt think were necessary until I saw this. This is definitely a piece of work to be proud of. You are tackling more difficult pieces with great success and are certainly fine tuning your already existing talent. Proud of you 😊

    Love you loads

  2. Really good David, my grandson wants to know how you did it on the ipad is the a app he needs.

    • Hi Harry,

      The app I use is ‘Brushes’ – available from the Apple store I guess.
      I also found a user guide on the web which I could download for free. I found it extremely useful. But perhaps your grandson is of an age whereby he doesn’t need that!!! 🙂

      I hope he enjoys using it as much as I do


  3. Hi David,

    So there it is! I am glad to see the final result of your latest labour lol and so soon too 🙂 And it is lovely ! This is art to me! I liked the original photo too. The composition of this image is really clever, the three men in the center and the synchronity !

    (I have sent you the poem that I wrote with later got the photo on my blog. It was a really good illustration and made the posting much better! )

    Whitby will always be the place where magic happens, won’t it 😉

    Arohanui 🙂 xxx

  4. i like the gray morning tones…..

  5. simply beautiful, David! 🙂
    groetjes, Francina

  6. Wonderful David. However, I felt as though a poem was lurking about… 🙂 x

  7. Anna Mark Says:

    I can see the wetness under the pier and all the shadows, too. A picture I’d like to step into ; )

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