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Posted in Poetry with tags , on September 29, 2013 by belfastdavid

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A lonely place
or a place alone?

A place of sloth
or of creation?

For deep regret
or for reflection?

I must accept
where I am today.

is the result
of choices on the way.


Room 101

Posted in Poetry on September 20, 2013 by belfastdavid

(Room 101 is a television program in which participants can get rid of something for
ever by putting it in Room 101)

There is a voice
which originates
from somewhere
in the deeper
regions of my brain.

Always negative,
always talking me down –
you are not good enough,
your health is failing,
people don’t like you,
nobody cares about you,
and so on and so on.

I used to drown it
with alcohol,
distract it
by writing poetry,
rebut it
with activity.

Today I would put it
in Room 101
but it tells me
Room 101
does not exist.


Pachyderm Paper

Posted in Poetry with tags on September 15, 2013 by belfastdavid

For my birthday
I received
a notebook
made with
pachyderm paper –

“100% original
elephant dung paper
and recycled paper”

At last,
somewhere to put
those poems
which are shite.

Self Portrait as a Dreamer

Posted in Poetry on September 9, 2013 by belfastdavid

All my life
I have been better
at living in the now
than planning
constructively ahead.

In some ways I guess
my life could be described
as a series of accidents,
although that would not tell
the whole story.

For I have invariably
set off down paths
believing them to be right,
but never taking regard
for possible consequences.

Sometime this has led to shit.
Sometimes it has led to poetry.