A Reminder

I met him yesterday
in a store, in Leeds.

I have known him for years
yet he had passed me earlier
and chosen not to speak.

I was deeply saddened
as I helped him through
the process of purchase
and safe storage of money.

He was a popular man
with oodles of charm,
yet now the alcohol
has clearly taken hold
within his brain.

I had spoken to him
often on the potential
for destruction
but had been ignored,

For he chose
not to believe.
Now his sanity
has been thrown away;
never to return.


45 Responses to “A Reminder”

  1. Hi David,

    A very good poem, though what a sad story, a tragedy. Alcohol destroys so much, health, brain, social life. Charm that comes from alcohol… not so charming really.


  2. Good one David. There but for the grace of the Goddess…. ❤

  3. So sad, but wonderfully told! A very hard hard row to hoe, as they say! I am thankful every day for my sobriety! Hugs!

  4. Hi David, it is indeed poignant that the end product of Alcoholism are pickled brains at the bottom of the bottle. Many recovering alcoholics find the person they once were never re surfaces.

    As always the clarity of your poetry and the use of plosive sounds make the message clear.

    Wish you a happy weekend.


    • Thank you Talia,

      I am delighted to see you here.

      And sadly you are so right – although recovering a day at a time at least gives us a chance.

      You have a good weekend too


  5. Hi David,
    What a reminder indeed! It is such a sad and tragic thing to see (or read) that someone has been overtaken by addiction.
    It’s good reminder to everyone of the devestating impact alcohol can have on peoples lives.
    Your poem leaves me feeling very greatful for my life and greatful that you are the good man you are today. 🙂

    Take good care

    And K’sOTC 🙂

    • Hi Tikarma,

      Thank you

      I always find these things doubly sad because I do know there is a way out.
      But sometimes the progression is such that there is no way back.

      And these are the risks we take!!!

      As Res said………………..

      Look after yourself

      And K’sOTC 🙂

  6. This is so sad David. It churned my stomach for obvious reasons. You brought out he tradgedy of it all so well in your poem, simple words telling a simple but devastating truth.

    I was just reflecting and I have been to four funerals of close AA friends, and know of several more whose funerals I did t attend.

    There but for the grace of something I may ever understand, we have been spared and able to enjoy a lasting friendship with each other that I treasure dearly. You are very close to my heart and always will be.

    Love you loads

    PS Janette is having a lie down here so I have a gap in time!! Xxx

    • Hi Christine,

      It does us no harm to be faced with these situations from time to time just to remind ourselves that all we have got is a reprieve one day at a time!!!

      The best, most rewarding, friendships of my life have all been made since I got sober, which must mean something!!!

      Thank you for your continuing friendship.

      Love you loads

  7. That should say”never” of course xxx

  8. Poignant words for a tragically ruined life.

  9. How sad, David. It’s so devastating to see first-hand what alcoholism can do to a person.

  10. losing the mind is the start where everything else falls apart, am sad for your friend,there is only so much you can do…..

  11. Terribly sad. It’s awful to see Paul Gascoigne’s self-destructive loop in the news too.

  12. Poignant and sad poem , David. An addiction must be a terrible thing to live with when it controls you in such way that you are beyond help one day. A week ago I saw a man in the street who clearly had lost his mind too due to alcohol and I felt so sorry for him. You can be very proud of yourself, my friend!
    groetjes, Francina

    • Thank you Francina,

      I always feel that I wish I had done more.
      Yet I know that not to be true.
      In the end the only one who can do anything about it is the person themselves.

      Take good care


  13. very true indeed David,. And it can be done, even how difficult it must be, for you and many others are the living proof.
    Take good care of your self too!

  14. David, it is so sad, such a waste of life. I believe that my father’s alcoholism helped to keep me safe. I have always been very careful knowing how easily it could happen to me. Lea x

  15. This struck a chord – Another life tragically destroyed by alcohol…
    Thank goodness that recovery is possible for some – although sadly not for all, xx

    • I apologise Ali if this raised painful memories for you.

      I have never understood why some people get it and some don’t.

      You take good care of yourself


      • Absolutely no need to apologise David, but thank you. My losses reside permanently in my heart – alongside deep gratitude for the many things that are good in my life!…
        You take care too, xxx

  16. Anna Mark Says:

    What a sad and lonely poem. What do you mean when you say he chose not to believe? Your poem really makes me ask that question and want to know. You’ve captured a very tender and human moment. Gulp.

    • Hi Anna,

      He chose not to believe that those things would happen to him.
      A state of denial in which addicts often exist sadly. It prevents them from listening!!

      Thank you

  17. No words. Just a hug. x

  18. David,

    This is very sad, but I like the way it is written–like a quiet conversation shared with a friend, or with yourself.

    We must wonder why some escape, and some do not. Is it strength of character or a determined need to love and be loved that decides who will grab the edge of a rocky cliff and pull themselves back onto smooth ground? Maybe it is both.

    Whenever something like this gets you down, look in the mirror and know you did save one. (“The only life you could save”)

    I hope you are well.
    Take care of yourself, Irish.

    Much love to you,

    • Ah Shirley,

      The quote you have used and the poem it comes from are the perfect antidote to my poem. 🙂

      I am well enough – just suffering my annual bout of Augustitis.
      But August finishes on the 9th of September and Autumn begins – I am looking forward to that

      I hope you too are well.
      Take good care of yourself

      Much love to you

  19. I suspected August was up to his usual antics. 🙂 It will soon pass. I will, as always, be thinking of you on September 9th. I wish you a wonerful birthday, Irish.


  20. Hi David, have missed seeing you around , hope all is well with you.
    groetjes, Francina

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