Through My Window (I wish)

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I do not have to live by the sea
to be able to sit back
in my armchair, recline it,
close my eyes and dream


20 Responses to “Through My Window (I wish)”

  1. Hi David,

    Oh I do love this 🙂 What a great view! You really made a lovely painting here, and poem. That colour green is so very summerhouse like!

    Whitby… I so wish for you that you could be there always in that reclining chair. It must be the view from a cottage somewhere in or about Heather Street?. 🙂 The best second option is to be there as often as possible. And dreaming is nice too!

    Much love 🙂



    • Hi Ina,

      Yes, the view would be from a cottage on Henrietta Street. 🙂

      Although I think if I was going to live there I might prefer to live on the West Side. 🙂

      I must be sure to get there soon – at the moment I am mostly dreaming. 🙂

      Thank you

      Much love

  2. I love your idea of putting any view you wish outside your window 🙂

    I still think this painting is a very worthy one in its own right without the window too, though I do know what you mean.

    Put the kettle on, I will be there in half an hour and we can watch the view together! 🙂

    Love you loads



  3. Exactly! Love it! Sometimes I think people forget what rich treasure-troves their imaginations are. 🙂

    • I have been visiting Whitby for years in my imagination Sarah.

      When I was working I would often take 5 minutes in a quiet place and go sit at the end of the prom – I always felt calmer after 🙂


  4. too true — much the same here now that i’m miles and miles from the California coast. funny thing is i miss the smell of the beach and the ocean the most!

  5. Yes, it’s amazing where we can take ourselves in our imagination. Just the conduit of our window can transport our spirit to wonderful places (:

  6. Great words David, that ring more true than any others ever spoken! The mind can take you to the most amazing places, as your wonderful painting has just proven! It has taken me to a place that is now special to both of us. Thank you for sharing something truely special my dear friend.

    Beannach leat my friend,


    • Hi Jamie,

      I am delighted to have you drop in.
      And I am moved by the thought that a place which is special to me can also become special to you through the power of the internet and our own imaginations.

      Look after yourself my good friend


  7. David, what a lovely thought. Beautiful poem. 😎

  8. Anna Mark Says:

    Yes, we all live by the sea ; )

  9. Hi David

    What a lovely view indeed!
    The treasure that is our minds is a beauitful thing. It can truely take us anywhere! I hope soon you are able to visit Whitby again.

    As Jamie has said above we’ve come to know Whitby through you and I suppose too thorugh the internet we share that imagination and bring spaces and places to life where they live just as real for others as much as ourselves. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your view. It’s always a pleasure to be able to look through your window. 🙂

    I hope you are well?

    and K’sOTC 🙂

    • Hi Tikarma,

      Thank you.

      It is fascinating how the internet can allow us to share a love of places.
      And the closeness that can engender.
      Every time I look at your painting on my wall I am once again intrigued by its connection to Castle Howard! 🙂

      I do hope to get to Whitby soon 🙂

      I am well – walking every day does seem to help and recently we have had the right sort of weather for that.

      Look after yourself

      and K’sOTC 🙂

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