I thought you might like to know

I was at a poetry workshop yesterday run by Gaia Holmes.
The topic for the workshop was ‘The story in a poem’

Thinking about that it occurred to me that I had written a lot of poems about the experience of living in the city. So I thought that if I took pieces from some of those poems, re-worked them a bit and re-sequenced them I could likely tell a completely different story!!

This is the result –

I thought you might like to know

My lonely bed behind me
I step out on my balcony
into hot humid air so heavy
it feels like I’ve been kissed;
which is the only kiss
I am likely to get today
in this God forsaken city.

The tree outside my window
is a mass of green, protects
my privacy from over-looking
blocks of flats. A lower branch
stretches toward me
almost as if
it wants to shake my hand.

I have my breakfast
in a café by the river.
It is not the sort of café
which offers a fat-free option.
My breakfast is delicious.

Walk into the city
behind a young lady.
As we approach a crossroads
the wind picks up her skirt,
forces her into an impression
of Marilyn Monroe.
I compliment her
on the attractiveness of her bum.
She smiles, says Thank you.

I meet a friend for coffee
in the Tiled Hall café.
She writes her email address
on the back of a bus ticket.
I have mislaid the ticket
before I get home.

Call in at my doctors.
The girl on reception
expresses surprise
when I tell her my age,
says I do not look it.
I should call, see her,
on a daily basis.

I step out on my balcony
with a late night cup of tea.
It is cooler now.
Shake hands with my tree
before I retire to bed,
where I will lay my arm
across the pillow, fingers spread.

Should you decide
to come visit in my dreams
you will find it easy
to hold my hand.


32 Responses to “I thought you might like to know”

  1. this works quite nicely, I hope you have more of these reworked gems in your notebook.

  2. This is lovely David. And I recognise bits and pieces from your city poems, which were all very enjoyable, like I was with you as you walked along. And that feeling carried through this poem too.

    I also find parts of it a little sad, but then as you know I am feeling a little that way today so not surprising I pick out the melancholy.

    You may have to find another cafe for delicious breakfats if those plans go ahead! 🙂

    Love you loads



  3. Loved sharing your day, thanks for having me along! Smiling at your words, David, and understanding them! Big hugs my freind!

    • Your big hugs are most appreciated Sandy.

      The tree can shake my hand but it can not really hug me 🙂

      Always delighted to have your company

      Big hugs to you too my friend


  4. Hi David,
    I think this poem works very nicely. 🙂 I recongise many lines and reading through, it felt like a culmination of your experiances, like looking at side show of a part of your life.
    It is a little ghostly in its quality that way, but I suspect that is due to my familiarty with your poems.
    I greatly enjoyed this poem and I think you did a beautiful job weaving it all together. 🙂

    My best wishes to you
    Take good care. 🙂
    and K’sOTC 🙂

    • Thank you Tikarma,

      It was interesting to walk through those previous poems and to pick out the bits which would tell the story this way.
      Interesting what you find when you look backwards through where you have been 🙂

      I hope you are well.
      You take good care too.

      and K’sOTC 🙂

  5. Hi David, lol I think you might get more kisses if you didn’t lose email-adresses written on bustickets 🙂 I enjoyed reading this poem, you have a special way of making the reality into something to smile at (if I make sense here) As these are made of other poems of yours that I have read, I think it works very well, and a whole new poem emerged, as if those others were already part of a bigger plan 🙂 Your day seems pleasant, ending with the tree 🙂

    Enjoy this day as well! And keep on walking 🙂

    Arohanui 🙂


    • Hi Ina,

      Thank you.
      Hard to know how many opportunities I have missed through losing bus tickets!!! I actually found it about six months later – I had put it in a book I was carrying at the time to keep it safe and then forgot I had put it there!!!! DUH!!

      Shaking hands with a tree is no bad way to end a day 🙂

      I have been out for a walk this morning. I will go again this afternoon 🙂


  6. That’s outstanding David. Should I dream of two young ladies I’ll send one over! Love the shaking hands with that lovely Alder of yours. That’s just the sort of thing I’d do!. Keep up the good work. This one is lovely!

    • Thank you Res,

      My dreams could suddenly get much more interesting!! 🙂

      And I am quite sure that shaking hands with trees is good for both our souls.


  7. That’s entertaining as always, David. And an intriguing idea for a poem.

  8. awwwwwwwwwwww….. loving that ending

  9. Wow, David! Lovely!

  10. Thank you for giving me a taste of your life in the city. I’m glad the young woman appreciated your compliemt & the trees give you some privacy (:

  11. Beautiful poem. So very relatable, though we are living in quite different universes. 🙂 So to speak.

  12. Vulnerable, melancholy, and very beautiful. How very fortunate indeed are those sharing their cuppa with you!
    Here in France, there are kisses everywhere you turn. And while they are ,perhaps, not the kind searched for, they do say “glad you are here” “good to see you” and so much more.

    • Thank you very much.

      Kisses are not quite so prevalent here, although perhaps becoming more so 🙂
      Among my friends hugs are a very acceptable greeting!! 🙂


  13. gorgeous and delightful read. I love the connection with the tree you made and for sure I will looks with other eyes at the tree next to my balcony. Very fine write, David and much enjoyed reading!
    greotjes, Francina

    • Ah, Francina,

      The tree outside my window is a constant source of pleasure for me.

      Do shake hands with your own tree. Nothing bad can ever come from shaking hands with trees 🙂


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