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He fears potential futures,
for this country
is not a good place
to grow old in.
He wishes it was

He wants to do it all again

He likes the thought
of the now
being not as it is but

He dislikes what he has become
but only some of the time
for mostly he is content
and he might not be
had he done it

He dreams of a place by the sea
where he can walk in quiet,
have his coffee on the pier
and be glad
that he had not
done it


Consultant Vascular Surgeon

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“Walk into the pain” he said
“Stop, rest, walk on.
Do this three or four times

Every day,
at least once,
preferably twice.

Then there is the possibility
you can look forward
to walking pain free.”

One other thing he said,
but that is a subject
for another poem.

In the meantime
I will do
the walking.

199 steps at Whitby
have still to be climbed
this year.

I thought you might like to know

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I was at a poetry workshop yesterday run by Gaia Holmes.
The topic for the workshop was ‘The story in a poem’

Thinking about that it occurred to me that I had written a lot of poems about the experience of living in the city. So I thought that if I took pieces from some of those poems, re-worked them a bit and re-sequenced them I could likely tell a completely different story!!

This is the result –

I thought you might like to know

My lonely bed behind me
I step out on my balcony
into hot humid air so heavy
it feels like I’ve been kissed;
which is the only kiss
I am likely to get today
in this God forsaken city.

The tree outside my window
is a mass of green, protects
my privacy from over-looking
blocks of flats. A lower branch
stretches toward me
almost as if
it wants to shake my hand.

I have my breakfast
in a café by the river.
It is not the sort of café
which offers a fat-free option.
My breakfast is delicious.

Walk into the city
behind a young lady.
As we approach a crossroads
the wind picks up her skirt,
forces her into an impression
of Marilyn Monroe.
I compliment her
on the attractiveness of her bum.
She smiles, says Thank you.

I meet a friend for coffee
in the Tiled Hall café.
She writes her email address
on the back of a bus ticket.
I have mislaid the ticket
before I get home.

Call in at my doctors.
The girl on reception
expresses surprise
when I tell her my age,
says I do not look it.
I should call, see her,
on a daily basis.

I step out on my balcony
with a late night cup of tea.
It is cooler now.
Shake hands with my tree
before I retire to bed,
where I will lay my arm
across the pillow, fingers spread.

Should you decide
to come visit in my dreams
you will find it easy
to hold my hand.


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I drift across the fabric of the day,
touching down, just now and then,
to check that I exist.

Perhaps there is a ripple on the surface
which marks my passage on the way
and says that I’ve been there.

Perhaps when I touch down
I leave a marker,

Enough to last in memory,

A footprint in the sand.

Availability of Paintings

I do my paintings using Brushes App. They are done on my iPad. That means the original image is on a computer rather than on paper or canvas.

I print them off on a good quality printer to good quality paper (or canvas). I then have them mounted and framed and hang them on my wall.

I have chosen, almost from the beginning, to display them on the web as photos of the paintings. To put the computer image up would be tantamount to giving my art away and that does not seem right somehow.

I could sell framed copies (I have sold some) but to be honest I have no motivation to put in the effort and energy which doing that requires. I would much rather use that effort and energy in making more paintings.

I have also had requests from people who would like particular paintings on their own walls and I have invariably allowed them to use the computer image to print them off.

So, pondering all that, I have decided that the way forward will be  –

1. I will continue to display on the web using photos of paintings.

2. If you would like a copy for your wall then email me and I will send you a computer image.

3. If you do print it off and hang it on your wall then I ask two things –

A. You take a photo and email it to me. That would be nice for me.


B. You make a donation to a charity of your choice. I have no desire to know the amount (none of my business) But it would be nice to know which charity.

So that is the deal