Whitby Abbey

06 Whitby Abbey

I knew that if I wanted to paint pictures of Whitby then sooner or later I was going to have to paint the Abbey – it is such an iconic image.

So I decided sooner.
And I did try to find an angle slightly different from the most cutomary views.

I am forever grateful to my friend Tikarma from South Australia because without her help as to how to depict the stonework of the Abbey this painting may well have been consigned to the garage.

I love that the internet gives me connections with people who I would otherwise never know  –  particularly when they become friends.


Availability of Paintings

I do my paintings using Brushes App.
They are done on my iPad.
That means the original image is on a computer rather than on paper or canvas.

I print them off on a good quality printer to good quality paper (or canvas).
I then have them mounted and framed and hang them on my wall.

I have chosen, almost from the beginning, to display them on the web as photos
of the paintings. To put the computer image up would be tantamount to giving my
art away and that does not seem right somehow.

I could sell framed copies (I have sold some) but to be honest I have no
motivation to put in the effort and energy which doing that requires. I would
much rather use that effort and energy in making more paintings.

I have also had requests from people who would like particular paintings on
their own walls and I have invariably allowed them to use the computer image to
print them off.

So, pondering all that, I have decided that the way forward will be  –

1. I will continue to display on the web using photos of paintings.

2. If you would like a copy for your wall then email me and I will send you a
computer image.

3. If you do print it off and hang it on your wall then I ask two things –

A. You take a photo and email it to me.
That would be nice for me.


B. You make a donation to a charity of your choice.
I have no desire to know the amount (none of my business)
But it would be nice to know which charity.

So that is the deal



4 Responses to “Whitby Abbey”

  1. The struggle you encountered with the stonework on the abbey was so very well worth persevering with because the finished product is terrific. And you have captured such a great mood in this picture. Its fabulous and Im so pleased it didn’t end up in the garage 🙂

    Love you to bits



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