Portrush Strand

01 Portrush Strand
Portrush Strand looking westwards from the White Rocks towards Donegal in the distance.

This is one of my three favourite beaches (the others will appear in later paintings)

It is mostly quiet, being more surfer friendly than child friendly perhaps.
And there is something quite awe inspiring in being the only person on the strand.

It has featured in a number of my poems, most notably perhaps in this verse from ‘I have sat by the sea’ –

I have sat by the sea and
watched the waves break
unrelentingly upon the strand
and felt drawn by an urge to
walk into the waves and keep
walking right out into eternity.

It was that verse which inspired the title of my first poetry book – Walking into Eternity.


Availability of Paintings

I do my paintings using Brushes App.
They are done on my iPad.
That means the original image is on a computer rather than on paper or canvas.

I print them off on a good quality printer to good quality paper (or canvas).
I then have them mounted and framed and hang them on my wall.

I have chosen, almost from the beginning, to display them on the web as photos
of the paintings. To put the computer image up would be tantamount to giving my
art away and that does not seem right somehow.

I could sell framed copies (I have sold some) but to be honest I have no
motivation to put in the effort and energy which doing that requires. I would
much rather use that effort and energy in making more paintings.

I have also had requests from people who would like particular paintings on
their own walls and I have invariably allowed them to use the computer image to
print them off.

So, pondering all that, I have decided that the way forward will be  –

1. I will continue to display on the web using photos of paintings.

2. If you would like a copy for your wall then email me and I will send you a
computer image.

3. If you do print it off and hang it on your wall then I ask two things –

A. You take a photo and email it to me.
That would be nice for me.


B. You make a donation to a charity of your choice.
I have no desire to know the amount (none of my business)
But it would be nice to know which charity.

So that is the deal



6 Responses to “Portrush Strand”

  1. Hi David,

    what a wonderful and generous idea! I might try to print one (with some help) , the red pier is still hanging on the wall here btw 🙂
    A good charity might be the Coast guard ( lifeboat) , they always need money.

    This painting is lovely and tells a lot about the shades of the beach, it looks a lot like the sandy beach here btw (you will have to see that for yourself 🙂 ) and I know the poem, and the feeling too.

    Much love 🙂


    • Thank you Ina,

      The lifeboat is certainly a charity after my own heart.
      I do try to contibute each time I visit Whitby.

      If you decide you want a painting, then after I have caught up with posting let me know and I will advise you on getting them printed.

      That red pier is still one of my favourite paintings 🙂

      And I have not given up on the thought of visiting your beach 🙂

      Much love


      • lol you had so many postings today, I don’t remember where I asked for the Abbey one 🙂 If you do come here in May for the reading, it is the best time of the year for the beach! 🙂 see how you feel by then. xxx

      • Sorry for so many postings all at once.
        But I wanted to get up to date
        From now on all the paintings I post will be new ones 🙂

        I need first of all Ina, to work out if I am fit enough to visit Whitby again.
        Then I will see about venturing further afield

        Much love

  2. David,

    This is wonderful!

    Your creativity has stretched itself beautifully between poetry and painting and this current project of yours is inspirational and something to be very proud of. I am very proud of you too, by the way. 🙂

    I look forward to more beautiful works of art and always become quite excited when you have a new one to run by me! :). i also appreciate the fact that you value my input.

    Your new poetry and art combination are impressive and you have come a long way with this in such a short time. Very very well done you!. 🙂

    I know how much you love it when a plan comes together or maybe even when things come together that werent originally in the plan! 🙂

    Love you loads



    • *Big Smile*

      I do love it when a plan comes together
      Particularly given that my plan was just to find a way of creatively spending my time!!!! 🙂

      Thank you

      Love you loads

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