Fairy Dell

14 Fairy Dell
This particular Fairy Dell is off the back road between Otley and Ilkley not far from the Bluebell Woods.

You have to walk to get there and although not far from civilisation you could be in a totally different world.

I think it is important when you live in a city like I do that you find these hidden places in order to be able to restore yourself


Availability of Paintings

I do my paintings using Brushes App.
They are done on my iPad.
That means the original image is on a computer rather than on paper or canvas.

I print them off on a good quality printer to good quality paper (or canvas).
I then have them mounted and framed and hang them on my wall.

I have chosen, almost from the beginning, to display them on the web as photos
of the paintings. To put the computer image up would be tantamount to giving my
art away and that does not seem right somehow.

I could sell framed copies (I have sold some) but to be honest I have no
motivation to put in the effort and energy which doing that requires. I would
much rather use that effort and energy in making more paintings.

I have also had requests from people who would like particular paintings on
their own walls and I have invariably allowed them to use the computer image to
print them off.

So, pondering all that, I have decided that the way forward will be  –

1. I will continue to display on the web using photos of paintings.

2. If you would like a copy for your wall then email me and I will send you a
computer image.

3. If you do print it off and hang it on your wall then I ask two things –

A. You take a photo and email it to me.
That would be nice for me.


B. You make a donation to a charity of your choice.
I have no desire to know the amount (none of my business)
But it would be nice to know which charity.

So that is the deal



4 Responses to “Fairy Dell”

  1. A beautiful picture of a beautiful oasis away from the noise of the city 🙂

    Im pleased you have these places to go and feel at peace. There are many, we simply have to search them out 🙂

    Love you loads



    • Yes Christime it is important for me to have those places.

      Most often I go to Golden Acre Park or to Otley by the river – more paintings later perhaps 🙂

      Love you loads

  2. They certainly are beautiful paintings, David. And I know – from feeble trial and error – how very difficult it is to get any decent results from Brushes – no way is it easier than traditional paints.

    • Thank you John,

      The benefit I think of Brushes over traditional paints is that it is much less messy!! 🙂

      I bought my iPad specifically so that I could use the Brushes App. and having expended that amount of money I had an incentive to make it work for me.
      I am delighted I did for I have had hours of pleasure.

      And of course I only choose to display the paintings which have worked!

      My best to you


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