I look from out my window
at footprints in the snow;
birds, several, in and out
from underneath a bush,

a solitary cat
which clearly paused
to have a look,
never close enough to pounce.

The search for food goes on
irrelevant of weather:
my bird feeder is too high
for the cat to ever reach.


36 Responses to “Winter”

  1. Hi David,

    this is lovely and more so perhaps because of the not rhyming (I know you once said you don’t like rhyming) it works well 🙂 .

    Cats van be a real pest for birds, so I am glad they can’t get to your feeder 🙂 What kind do you have? We have a lot of birds now too (from big pigeons to robins from Russia, our own robins are gone South,) and although I love cats, I hope they keep away!

    The birds eat all sorts of food, not only seeds, but they also like peanutbutter I know, so maybe I will get them that 🙂

    Big keep warm hug 🙂

    Arohanui 🙂



  2. But the cat will still watch and wait,
    mentally measuring the reach of his
    greatest leap

  3. I love it!

    It hops along just like the birds. 🙂

    There is definitely a bird theme around just now.

    And for Ina – I saw a suggestion on fb which said take an empty loo roll, smear it with peanut butter then roll it in seeds! Then just push it onto a branch!

    David are those magpies still at your feeder?! 🙂

    Love you loads



    • Thank you Christine,

      There does seem to be a bird theme this morning – a lot of us looking out our windows at the snow perchance 🙂

      And the magpies do still appear from time to time, despite my explanations that the bird feeder is for the smaller birds!!!
      I had a robin visit yesterday 🙂

      Love you loads

  4. So recognisable David. You could be describing our garden too – and our neighbourhood cats!

  5. fauxcajun Says:

    Your words did justice to the scene you so aptly described. My thoughts stayed on the cat, frustrated I would say . . .

  6. Yes, the wonders & inspiration we can find by just looking out of our windows (: Engagingly written, David (:

  7. lostbythesea Says:

    Lovely! I too have been looking out of my window at the birds a little more these days. 😉 A few days ago the cat smuggled a live bird through the cat door. Thankfully, it was only stunned and flew out the front door as it was opened for him/her. I had the feeder higher, but then it turned into a feeder for the passing neighborhood hawks. One hawk landed on my patio swing beside the small cat, thankfully she escaped before it snatched her up. So back went the feeder, under the tree. Mother Nature is amazing!

    • Isn’t there such pleasure to be had when we have the time just to stop and look.
      Even if sometimes the stop is forced upon us.

      Mother nature is indeed amazing – but it is not necessarily idyllic (have I spelt that right?) – the priority out there is survival after all.

      however I am pleased your little cat survived 🙂

      Take good care of yourself


  8. Hi David,
    This is just lovely. I do enjoy hearing about the birds who come to visit you.
    I can just imagine the cat slinking about in apparent disintrest but you know the first opportunity it can take it will.
    We had a small flock of New Holland Honeyeaters visit yesterday. I’ve never seen them in a flock before.
    I hope you continue to have many more little visitors. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this delightful poem. It helped my morning start serenly. 🙂

    Keep warm!
    And K’sOTC 🙂

    • Hi Tikarma,

      I am now off to Google “New Holland Honeyeaters” I have never heard of them before 🙂

      Cats however would seem to be the same the world over 🙂

      I am always delighted when I can help your morning along 🙂

      We had more snow last night but it is already starting to thaw.

      and K’sOTC 🙂

  9. My friend, the picture you paint here with your words is as clear as if I watched them myself. Even simple, basic observations make lovely poetry. 😎 I hope you are well and happy!

  10. A delightful poem!
    My sympathies are with the cat though, Those city birds are so clever! They don’t seem to notice but know exactly what they can get away with — poor cat hasn’t got a chance – unless a bird falls over and mainly it’s just sport, something they can’t resist even their tummies are full 🙂
    Lovely to be able to spend a little time watching with your eyes!
    Keep warm!
    with Love
    Vera and Yeva (and cat Niddy 🙂

    • Thank you Vera,

      I suspect that cat was merely going through the motions – it doesn’t look as if it is desperate for the next meal!!! 🙂

      You are very welcome to come look through my eyes 🙂

      I trust you are well despite the heat wave which seems to be enveloping your country

      Much Love

  11. A lovely picture, painted with your words
    Ali x

  12. The search for food goes on
    irrelevant of weather:
    my bird feeder is too high
    for the cat to ever reach.

    Ahh, so is wisdom wrapped up into bird feeders placed too high by the hand of a man while cats, birds, and all other creatures, including the man himself, search for food in all weathers. The bird feeds, the cat looks and gauges possibilities, and the poet feeds us all with his images.

  13. Au contraire mon cher. Never under estimate le chat! 🙂

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