Time Passes Faster

One morning you wake up,
look at the calendar,
think bloody hell
it’s nearly Christmas,
better get my act together.

Then you think
how did that happen,
how did it creep up so fast,
where has the last year gone
and what did I do with it?

I dig out my diary,
go through it backwards
to check what things
the year contained
and what I have done,

go look in the mirror
to check that I exist,
get out a post-it note
write on it ‘ Your Name is David’
and stick it above my mirror.

This is a repost from about the same time last year. It applies just as much this year as it did last!
I put my Christmas tree up yesterday. It was given to me a lot of years ago as a birthday present (don’t ask). Every year I think it will not last but it survives – a bit like myself really – seen better days but still works. 🙂



32 Responses to “Time Passes Faster”

  1. We used to have a treetop fairy like that – each year a different limb fell off and had to be secured with elastic bands and goodwill. Somehow we could never bring ourselves to get rid of her, even though she was a bit strange-looking!

    • The tree was given to me with love Hollyanne.

      I would be really reluctant to part with it.
      I doubt if the top would support a fairy any more, but it does support a star 🙂


  2. The combo between the poem and your postscript is great!
    made me smile ! – enjoy each day! (new year coming up 🙂
    with Love, Vera

  3. Yes, the time has flown! I think you are like your Christmas tree — bright and joyous and a lot of fun! 😎

  4. Elaine Randall English Says:

    I’d settle for a little slow down myself…..but OH WELL….onward!

  5. Hi David.

    I remember this poem from last year. The scary thing is it feels like 5 minutes ago!! 🙂

    I love your postscript, and I am sure you have even better days yet to see 🙂

    Love you loads



  6. Hi David, I remember this poem from last year, it has been quite some year btw 🙂 but some things stay the same. Tis is still a good poem. I am glad you have a cosy place and you are wise to stay in tonight 🙂
    It is a bit too early for us here for Christmas trees, next week we shall give it a try and find a nice little one.
    Your name is still David this year I think! But to make sure, better write a new note 🙂
    I have enjoyed your cd, I must admit I fell asleep listening but that was post anesthetics, not your fault!

    Arohanui ♥ xxx

    • Ah Ina I have no problem with people falling asleep while listening to my CD. I had a friend in America, a masseuse, who used to play the CD to help clients relax whilst she was doing a massage!! Whatever works 🙂

      I shall spend some time this week writing Christmas cards – a process I quite enjoy really 🙂

      You take good care of yourself now as you get better


  7. Yes, your poem evokes “where has this year gone?” in the reader. My Christmas tree lasted 19 years, but went in the skip during my present move. Will buy a new one. I hope your Yule’ll be a merry one. I enjoy your writes (:

  8. I’m not quite to the point of putting my name on post-it notes (yet), but boy do I know this feeling. Seems every year, the time just flies by faster. Makes finding moments to savor all the more precious.

  9. Maybe the time to start worrying is when you stop to looking in that mirror. Or when the post-it note drops off and is not replaced.

  10. David, I have been feeling the time passing faster and faster — I think you’ve expressed it very well. But I have to question your last sentence. (And I know it isn’t my place, but that has never stopped me before!) You just published a book, and I bet you have another one in you, just aching to come out. A lot of years have gone by, and we don’t get to have the same kind of meaningful events and relationships that we did at 25. But your creativity and your grasp of your place in the world is not failing. Time does pass more quickly each day, but you have already proved that you can grab an opportunity and make it a new focus in your life.

    Sermon over. I apologize, but I wanted you to hear that. Your faithful friend, Judith

  11. Time passes and…? I wonder. Our time is so short, and it passes so quickly, and you do wonder where it’s all gone. When you are young days seem to stretch into oblivion, and you sit on the front lawn on a summer day studying a dandelion and thinking everything is forever, but as you get older the time between one Christmas and the next one goes, poof! You lived those hours, but why can’t I find them? I was aware they were just here. You are a great, good poet, David. I read this last year, and my events this year, culminating in another troubling visit to the doctor today, were difficult. Still, tomorrow the sun will rise and a thousand thousand thousand people will rise during its early light, and Christmas will come, and I sing carols in its honor.

    • Ah Thomas,

      It is well to remember those days when we were young and perhaps sometimes to re-create them.
      I have made a note to myself to sit on a lawn on a day next summer studying a dandelion.
      I shall think of you on that day,

      Look after yourself my friend and let me know how you are.


  12. David,

    This year passed by too quickly indeed. Well conveyed in your poem! Your post-it note made me laugh 🙂 Have a happy holiday season.

  13. We changed it to Solstice this year, a sort of Christmas rolled into New Years, sans presents….

    I love this piece!

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