My Life as a Fairy Story

Once upon a time
the world was a darker place,
populated only by green dragons,
genies who existed in bottles
and a wicked witch
who sat on my left shoulder.

She whispered seductively in my ear
persuading me that she
was the only one who loved me,
that she would be my true saviour
if I gave myself totally
over to her care.

She wanted to take me to death,
although I did not know that then,
and on several occasions
she had me very close.

What changed? Ah, but that
was the miracle, the magic
introduced to me by a beautiful fairy
albeit in very human form.

She stood in front of me and challenged me.
“Don’t tell me you know David” she said
“What you know
got you where you are today –
up to your neck in shit.
You know nothing!”

I hated her that day.
But her magic was
in making the words stick.

To this day she sits
on my right shoulder.
The wicked witch has a rival
but the beautiful fairy is stronger.

Over the course of time
I have become increasingly
deaf in my left ear;
a condition which, my doctor says,
is incurable, irreversible.

That, I guess, is also
part of the magic.


16 Responses to “My Life as a Fairy Story”

  1. This is great David.

    The fairy definitely is much stronger than the witch and she has been there for a long time now! She does good work, but her work is to guide you. You have put in the real hard work that has brought you where you are today.

    Love you loads



    • Thank you Christine.

      Yes there was hard work involved too. but it was the beautiful fairy who introduced the torch of hope to my life – without that none of the rest would have been possible!!

      Love you loads


  2. David, I am happy your fairy came along and drowned out the witch, and I’m even more grateful that you listened to her. This is a lovely, poignant story — and a lovely poem. Good for you!

  3. Good to read more of your forward & upward journey. Now, be a good hobbit & treat yourself to fish & chips (:

  4. It’s interesting how, in this piece, the simplicity of the fairy story erodes into the complexity of real life by the end…I really love how you constructed the narrative 🙂

  5. Finding your way into the faeryland of reality is always a blessing, David, even though I’ve known too many, including a younger brother, who has never managed to make the journey. The strength of this poem is in the message contained within the bottle of the story. But you know that, don’t you?

    • I always find it very sad Tom, that so many do not make the journey.

      All I can do is keep putting my story out there in the hope that it provides inspiration

      Thank you


  6. Thanks God for the good faeries David! Mine was also unwavering!! Big Hugs!!! Loved this!! ♥

  7. Stunning and poignant poem, David. You can be very proud of yourself. Habits are hard to break , especially one like this. May your good fairy be forever on your shoulder.

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