First I Dreamt the Journey now available on Kindle

My book First I Dreamt the Journey is now available on Kindle.

I am really fascinated to see how that works out.

Share the news. Go tell your friends.
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Buy a copy   🙂

And enjoy



20 Responses to “First I Dreamt the Journey now available on Kindle”

  1. Well done you got there!! 😊

    Will chat soon, still feel rubbish.

    Love you loads



    • Thank you Christine,

      The only thing I was not able to sort out was a cover picture. But perhaps over the next few days I will be able to do something about that. We shall see.

      You look after yourself.

      love you loads


  2. Congratulations, David! Sadly, I don’t have an ereader, and my computer, Mac 10.4.11, doesn’t have a reader download that doesn’t need Intel. But good for you!

  3. Hi David,

    A new sort of media to enjoy. I can’t read Kindle etc myself, but I shall put this on my blog 🙂 That might help to find its way to a reader perhaps! I am at the moment really enjoying the paper version of Walking into eternity (ty so much) .

    Arohanui 🙂
    and good luck with the Kindle!

  4. Congratulations David,
    I don’t have a kindle, i’ve an iPad e-reader, but I can’t find your book in the e-reader catalogue.
    If anyone knows if there’s a way for an iPad to do kindle stuff, please let me know.
    It sounds intriguing David from the synopsis.
    Hope to get to read it.
    Well done on getting it out there

    • Thank you Tricia,

      I don’t have a Kindle either (perhaps Father Christmas will be good to me :))
      But as far as I know there is a Kindle app which can be downloaded to your iPad. Perhaps one of our more technicall savvy friends can advise us. 🙂

      Take care


  5. Congratulations, David! Wishing you lots of sales!
    groetjes ( Dutch for bye, see you, ciao ) Francina

  6. Congrats David i hope you do well.

  7. I bought it yesterday and have been reading it with great interest. You’ve put your heart into this book, David, as well as your imagination and thought. Congratulations. Is the Cave a real place by the way? It has a psychological importance in the book, but also seems to belong to the Atlantic coast of Ireland which you describe so convincingly.

    • Thank you John,

      The cave was indeed a real place. Sadly time and tide have eroded the cliff face and it no longer exists. In fact the remaining cliff has had to be bolstered to prevent further erosion.
      My young brother, who of course remembers the cave too, has recently re-visited and he tells me I should not go back – the place has become a popular tourist venue and has changed out of all recognition.
      But it remains in my mind as it was and indeed carries for me great psychological importance.


  8. Congratulations David! What an amazing journey you have dreamed!

  9. Reblogged this on Ina and commented:
    Sharing the good news 🙂 “First I dreamt the Journey” by Belfastdavid (David Agnew) is now available on Kindle! The story of the way back from alcoholism.

  10. Bravo, David. Well done …

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