Text Messages

She texts me every morning.
I text her back.

The words we use are simple,
but underneath sincere,
heartfelt, appreciated.

These are not
the words we use
but perhaps
are what we mean –

“Good morning. I am still alive, are you?”
“Good morning. Yes I am.”


21 Responses to “Text Messages”

  1. There are many unspoken words in this beautiful poem David.

    Love you loads



  2. Hi David,
    this is love – ly!

    Arohanui 🙂

  3. You’ve said much that’s worth saying in just a few words. Lovely.

  4. Mm…how friendship can accept & embrace ever changing forms of communication. Nice one, David (:

  5. I see you are still alive David 🙂

    My new site, some of your old friends are authors.


  6. Very nicely done David. I love the simplicity – subject and form together.

  7. very lovely poem, David! I like the brevity and the layers in the poem.
    groetjes, Francina

  8. If we are mortal, David, and we all are, then the most powerful message we can send each other is, well, I’m still here! My mother is 87 now and her contemporaries are slowly leaving the earth, and though she has always been able to find acceptance in the fog of memories that swirl through her life, and happiness lined into the acceptance, her sense of loss and regret for times that have passed still visit her off and on.
    This is, like so many of your poems, direct and simple, but still profound, identifying the center of all our lives in a way that inspires introspection and a realization of the gift we have been given in simply being alive and connected to those connected to us who are also alive.

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