Magic Potion

Just like Alice I drank the potion.
Just like Alice I changed,

became sociable, witty, entertaining,
the soul of the party,
bon-viveur, lover extraordinaire.

But unlike Alice
I drank some more
and changed again;

there is nothing attractive
about a falling-down drunk.

I spent thirty years
trying to discover
the correct dosage
of magic potion

before, at last,
the answer was none.


33 Responses to “Magic Potion”

  1. Hi David,

    So nice to see a poem of yours again! And oww this is so true, I know from experience, the ‘magic’ of drink! Now I am a strong disbeliever of magic 🙂 all rubish really, and the only thing alcohol can add, is that strange tipsy substitute for happiness. We think we are happy, but in fact we don;t think at all when drunk. One drink can be relaxing and enjoyable; the clue is to leave it at one, and if that is too hard, to skip drink altogether, like you do.

    Good write! ps The, perhaps only, good part of that dark period must have been that it made you a Lover extraordinaire, at least if you remembered it afterwards…?
    Congratulations with your sobriety and it is wonderful that you can help others to achieve it.

    I am pleased you used the semicolon once more! 🙂

    Arohanui 🙂 from a haily (if that is a word) island

    • Oops, the semicolon should not be in the word “don’t” of course!

    • Thank you Ina,

      I suspect that I am actually a better lover sober than I ever was drunk!! 🙂
      Mind you, nowadays chance would be a fine thing. 🙂

      The difference in my poems is that I use a semicolon where I choose to use it – not where Microsoft thinks I should use it!! 🙂

      As for “haily” it is a perfectly good word – it is cold and wintery over here too.


  2. Powerful testament, my friend. One of your best, so far. 😎

  3. I agree – one of your best I think. Nothing quite like the wisdom of experience.

  4. An excellent, honest poem, David. I hope you’re in a much better place now where each day is a blessed, vivid fantasy of creative clarity (:

  5. A powerfull piece David. Good to see it written up.

    • Thank you Gaia,

      It is almost as it was written on the day. All I did was look at how it presented on the page.

      I do expect to be there this week – looking forward to it 🙂


  6. So very true David. Thank you for sharing your wise words. :)))

  7. This is excellent David. I love the raw honesty of your poem and the understated “I spent thirty years…” A brilliant piece my friend. Stick to tea and cakes!

  8. This is such a powerful poem for me. It puts flesh on the bones of your poem Point of a Poem. It also brings with it flashbacks of the lifelong battle my darling father endured.
    It’s so good to be reading your thought provoking, stimulating poetry again David.
    Thank you
    Tricia xoxo

  9. Wow. This is a very real and raw poem.

  10. A beauty filled with wisdom , and honest poem, David.

  11. When you reflect back on your days of numbing, David, and then reaffirm your decision and success at leaving them behind, I think the world must sing for you. On the Navajo Nation the sorrow of drink stains in indelible ways the places where people walk in beauty. There is so much to life–not all of it good, but in the final analysis, when individuals take up the strands that make them who they are and then walk another path, the good road, the balanced road, then memories become a confirmation of the right, rather than the wrong, decisions made. This is what I find in this poem.

    • I do think it important Tom that from time to time I should post a poem like this.

      It is a way of spreading the message that there is a way out.

      Sadly such a lot of people never hear that message so I will keep repeating it and hope.


  12. a nice poem that could inspire others!

    It seems like a lot of people out there are looking for the correct dosage – I think I know what mine is but it’s difficult sticking to it!

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