Living in the Movies

“The name is Bodie,
Cheyenne Bodie.
My friends call me Cheyenne.
You can call me Mr Bodie.”

I saw the film as a teenager,
nobody remembers it but me.
Yet all my life I have waited
for the opportunity
to use that turn of phrase
applied to me –
never had the bottle.

I would be Lancaster
making love on the beach
at the edge of the waves,
but the only time
I tried it
sand got everywhere.

I could be Bogart,
light both cigarettes,
hand one to you.
But later,
when we make love,
it will be
in a comfortable bed.


16 Responses to “Living in the Movies”

  1. Hi David, lol, I think the bed is a lot more comfortabler surely 🙂 but for romantic memories there is nothing like a beach. And in a bed there might be breadcrumps! I never saw the movie, and lighting cigarettes never had sexappeal to me. I have a lot to learn 🙂

    Arohanui and good luck with “later” 😉


  2. David, I do remember remember Cheyenne.. This brings back many memories, and you are right about the bed!! hahaha I was reading my favorite poem in one of your books this morning, because I needed a smile, and this one always brings a smile!; Voyeurs !! Hugs David my freind!

    • I think there was a television series as well Sandy.

      As for Voyeurs – if the seagulls want to look in whilst I an making love then they are very welcome!!! 🙂

      Thank you

      Hugs to you too my friend


  3. This made me laugh.

    And the cigarette thing I like!! 🙂 but without the smoking! Lol

    Love you loads



  4. yes, the sand gets everywhere… 🙂 thanks for the smile this morning

  5. Oh, those old romantic shows – yet who can actually “live” them. (Yes, there is that problem with sand!)

  6. Great poem, David, and a delightful read!
    Ciao, Francina

  7. O, I love the poetry of David Agnew! I do!

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