Forgotten Wor(l)ds

“Will you be in later?” she asks.
“I will be in, except when I am out”
I reply “for I need to visit the grocers’”

The word confuses her.
“Do you mean the supermarket?”
she asks. I suppose I do
although I hate it when words
disappear from our vocabulary.

Not only the word of course,
for the grocer, the baker, the butcher
have all disappeared
from our high street,
replaced by the ubiquitous supermarket.

I meet a girl there
who I have not seen for a while,
want to ask her if she is pregnant
but am deterred by the possibility
she might just have put on weight.

In previous days
I could have waited,
then asked the grocer;
for he would have known.


17 Responses to “Forgotten Wor(l)ds”

  1. This poem follows on I guess from my previous post.

    That post I have tweaked slightly as a result of some terrific feedback at the Leeds Writers Circle last night.


  2. Hi David

    LOL ( sorry ) for the last 2 stanza’s 🙂 It sounded a bit familiar to me * grin * .

    I am so glad you are back with new poems and even more glad I can read your blog so well! It ‘s like it got bigger writing. Not sure how I did that.

    Those old professions are not altogether gone, just perfected I suppose. 🙂

    I just have to tell you that the pic of Whitby (royal blue) is now my laptop back ground and gives me inspiration every day.

    I hope you enjoy this Autumn weather !

    Arohanui 🙂

    • Thank you Ina,

      I am delighted that painting should inspire you.
      I was a bit uncertain about it but now I will get it framed to put on my wall. 🙂

      I do like Autumn


  3. This conversation sounds somewhat familiar! 🙂

    A great poem which in my humble opinion flows really well, the words moving into worlds.

    Grocers would also throw a bit of extra cheese in or give a free sample of something new. Now the free samples are dished out by young girls in short skirts only concerned about how they look and couldn’t care less about who gets the samples! Mind you, that may be a part of the supermarket world you enjoy!! 🙂
    Just saying… 🙂

    Love you loads



  4. Outstanding David. I not only love the rhythm of this but the sentiment contained. I too regret the passing of all those little tradesmen and shopkeepers. There are still a few round here but oh so many have gone. And where else would we get our news and lets face it, gossip. Love this one, my friend. Great work!

  5. I can well identify with you there, David. An enjoyable read. I have posted plenty of poems, etc in my Facebook world, if you’d like to visit again (:

  6. David, This is a powerful comment on the world we find ourselves in. Powerful Stuff!

  7. Oh, gone are the days … here, there, probably over most of the world except where they have still have suks or public markets.

  8. I am so far behind, David? I can’t believe I have been without wordpress for so long. The U.S. election had me too upset to do anything properly. I am glad it is over and gladder that Obama won, but at what cost?
    I think this poem is central to my thought about the United States and perhaps Britain. Greed is now considered the central good rather than a sin by a certain ideological type. It is the heart of what makes a job creator…
    But the truth is that my father was a grocer, and I miss the grocer, the baker, and the butcher. These were a fabric that gave community a unity that is not possible in a supermarket or a big box store. In the world where such people independently existed, one small business was linked to another small business into a network that was cybernetically strong in humanity, community, and economics. Now if a big international bank fails, its failure is an earthquake in individual lives, creating havoc across the boundaries of nations as sanctimonious greed celebrators demand austerity and fiscal discipline so that they can ratchet up the greed scale another notch or two and celebrate their fortunes in their gated communites absent of community.
    I meet a girl there
    who I have not seen for a while,
    want to ask her if she is pregnant
    but am deterred by the possibility
    she might just have put on weight.
    These lines are funny, you old gossip you, as so many of your lines are, but they are also human, part of the connecting tissue that can make communities alive. We don’t want to upset somebody. We like them too much for that, but we also want to know, to understand the small, glorious, tragic, changes in the lives that are associated with out lives. This is, in a way, the heart of what community can be if supermarkets are not the greed that drives the well-being of the world. The grocer, baker, and butcher are important even though they too seldom exist. They are symbol of what life can be if we fight for a world that is no more.
    This a great poem, David, that stirs deep feelings inside me.

    • Ah Tom,

      You express so beautifully all the stuff that was going on in my head as background to the poem.
      It does seem to me that, in this country, sense of community has largely been replaced by self-interest.

      And conscience does not seem to exist, having been replaced almost entirely by greed-is-good!!

      But rather than go on let me bring you up to date with the gossip –

      I met that same girl a week back and I am really pleased I never asked the question!! 🙂

      My best to you


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