Closing Down

I call in to see my favourite shopkeeper.
Last week he asked me what I knew.
This week his shop is closed down, boarded up.
In fact the whole market is closed down.
“For Refurbishment” the sign says.
Clearly he knew something, but was not telling.

I ask a lady in the next arcade;
she tells me he has closed down for good,
will not be re-opening anywhere.

The whole city is showing
signs  of closing down;
empty shops, boarded up shop fronts:
it is no longer possible to visit
the up-market arcades
and yet ignore the desolation:
pound shops, pawn brokers
and extortionate money lenders.

Leeds City market, once bustling,
exciting, now a depressed, sullen,
hold-tight-to-your-handbag sort of place.

I eat my lunch among the middle classes
at the Playhouse Theatre
because  I get a discount there.

Return home to my flat
where I have to keep
my windows closed
due to dust from building work below.

What I do know is
that there are better uses
for the money spent
than building another
bloody great block of student flats.


20 Responses to “Closing Down”

  1. Sounds like here, all the little shops closing up because they can’t compete with the larger chain stores, and the lousy government we have at the moment!! All rather sad, and telling, like your write!! You never fail to get your point across.. Love your words, as usual!! Hugs David!!

    • It is the same all over methinks Sandy.

      And, as always, it is the little people who suffer. we can but carry on and do our best.

      Hugs to you too Sandy – they are free and much appreciated 🙂


  2. This could have been written about so many town centres across the country. It’s very like that here in Worcester. Very sad. There’s a news agent just along from the station that has been there for decades, but I noticed this week it’s just shut down – a family business too – because of the new Tesco Express just along the road. So this poem spoke to me of that.

    • Good to see you again Hollyanne.

      The shop closure which prompted this poem was also a family business – been there for ages – lovely couple who ran it, they always had time for a chat.

      Sad indeed


  3. As so often happens, your words set me down in the place. I think this may be on my list of favorite Descriptive Writing examples! Very powerful!

  4. Another lovely snippet of life, albeit quite a sad one really.

    The last stanza makes me want to come over and just help you move!!! 🙂

    It will happen and be for the better, and what poetic inspiration that will create! )

    Seriously I do hope your move begins to happen soon because in my humble opinion you really do need it before you are completely blocked in. I would
    love to see you settled somewhere “nice” 🙂

    Love you loads

    Christine xxx

    • Thank you Christine,

      I waver between wanting to move and not wanting all the upheaval that will involve.
      I guess sometime soon I am just going to have to get on with it for I do know it will be for the better 🙂

      Love you loads


  5. very real. paints a picture.

    everything cycles, and often the downsides are hard to witness. europe is handling one of the greater financial bumps experienced in awhile. tourism one of the first to go when austerity locks in, maybe some compromise can be found.

    • I just wish Eileen I had more faith in our political leaders to sort the mess out.

      The Euro was a flawed concept from the very beginning!! Which fact was apparent to all except the huge political egos who made it happen.

      I could go on!!!


  6. Sad picture painted with your words, David. These are difficult times which we all have to ride out one way or another. I hope you find another place soon to move to and your days will be more brighter! It’s good to see a poem from you again 🙂
    Ciao, Francina

    • Thank you Francina,

      I have felt my creativity stymied for the last few months so have set myself a target of working on a poem every day 🙂

      Good to have you drop in


  7. We see it every where David..I saw your title and thought “Oh no! David is closing his Word Press” So glad it isn’t so

  8. This is the poem you altered, I am not sure what you changed, but it is still great 🙂
    Much love

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