Long Gone the Days

I catch a bus into the city.
Long gone the days
when I could walk that far.

Cash in my lottery winnings.
£10 will not change my life
but it will buy me tickets
for the next five weeks.

Talk to one of my
favourite shop-keepers.
“How are you and what do you know?”
he asks. “I know nothing” I reply
“for I have always found that
a good way to start my day.”
“Better” he says, “than knowing
everything and remaining ignorant.”

I want to visit an exhibition
in the Art Gallery at the University.
It is a beautiful Autumn day.
I determine I will walk.

Several stops on the way –
sit on a wall – people watch.
Cup of coffee and a rest
after I climb the steps
into the building.

The exhibition is worth the effort
and the walk home is mostly downhill.

Long gone the days?
Perhaps not quite yet.


22 Responses to “Long Gone the Days”

  1. A lovely poem David and one of determination and positivity I think.

    And part of it seems to reflect chats we have had recently, I feel.
    Sometimes we have to push ourselves a bit in the face of potential apathy. The days are certainly not long gone, we just have to do things differently, encouraging ourselves but working within what seem to be new limits.

    And what a great reward for that effort! An exhibition in the art gallery. I remember when we used to visit the art gallery together after being in town. We would sit on the steps of the Town Hall just because we wanted to!! Now we would have to!! Lo:)

    Love you loads



    • LOL,

      I still do often sit on the steps of the Art gallery – people watching I tell myself!!

      Acceptance is, as always, the key methinks 🙂

      Love you loads


  2. Good to read of your Autumnal ramblings, David. Nice & mellow. I have new poems in my Poetic Album & Realms Of Eire group on Facebook (:

  3. Elaine Randall English Says:

    Love this David….and that money you won….YES…it, even if pennies….could change a life….hugs.

  4. I understand this well. I forget sometimes, that although my thoughts remain the same, that the body has changed! haha But still, we enjoy the same way! Lovely write, that makes one think!! Big Hugs!!♥

  5. Lovely to have the opportunity to read your words again David. This poem resonates on a couple of levels. Love the last two lines.
    Take care

  6. Going downhill? Belfastdavid, the poet? If he’;s walking downhill is all right, but if that’s a comment on his general state of being, then I suspect the commenter had better find a cave to hide in before Zeus and Thor team up and start belting bolts of lightning their way. I personally would love to sit with him outside the Art Gallery and people watch the day.

    • Tom,

      I would be delighted to have your company sitting outside the Art gallery people watching, and perhaps putting the world to rights while we are at it. 🙂


  7. Good for you, David. This poem is descriptive in all the right ways — I am sitting next to you on that wall! Thanks for the picture!

  8. That is the spirit, David! Wonderful poem.
    Ciao, Francina

  9. Hi David
    your days are not over by long 🙂 Keep walking and watching your health!
    Arohanui 🙂

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