I walk into the bar
to meet friends
prior to a poetry evening;
am greeted by long-familiar faces:

suddenly become aware
that names
have slid sideways
out of my memory.

“Hello Sheila” I say,
“It’s Sandra” she replies.
I had spoken to this lady
on the phone two days before!

Gradually, as the evening progresses,
the names return;
mostly, I think,
attached to the right faces.


16 Responses to “Names”

  1. A great poem, made the smile already on my face even bigger 🙂

    It’s good to see you back. Art is art – poetry, painting or whatever else.

    And it’s exactly how you described it so I have a double smile!! :):

    love you loads



  2. You could have written this from my current position!

  3. Ah yes!! It was spot on David!

  4. I never call people by their names because I forget them the instant they’re told to me…I seem anti-social but really I’m suffering from a peculiar form of amnesia…

  5. Love this. Just as Cookie Monster’s cookies are now a somtimes food, my memory is now a sometimes thing.

  6. David, I am so absolutely delighted to see you back! I have been having trouble reading and posting comments lately. The American election is draining my energy, health concerns niggle at me, we are trying to sell our house so we can move to Wisconsin to retire, and I’m altogether useless, but seeing this poem certainly does good to my spirits.

    That name forgetting thing is really bothersome and really real, isn’t it? I also can’t find the word I want at the second I want it too, and that’s beyond bothersome. But your good humor shines through and makes it all right. Sometimes poems heal, and this is one of those poems that delightfully heal. I am so glad to read a new poem by you. I hope you have a new place to live and life is spinning out with sea gulls, twits, and other creatures human and otherwise.

    Thank you, thank you for being here.

    • Tom,
      It is good to have you drop in And to know that we are both making our way forward in whatever way possible 🙂

      My sense of humour and my poetry help me make sense of an otherwise difficult world 🙂

      I am still looking for somewhere else to live but in the meantime I am determined just to get on with it 🙂

      My very best to you both


  7. Hi again,
    I love the poem, and I just hope you will not forget my name soon, Donald! 🙂

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