This is how I am

I thought I should bring people up to date with what is going on for me as I haven’t been around much  –

Since stopping smoking (7 weeks now) I have been beset by a number of minor, though debillitating, health niggles.
I am well aware that starting smoking again is unlikely to help with these but the temptation is ever present!!!

I have recently been informed that planning permission has now been granted for another bloody great block of flats!
This block will be right behind my flat. Work will start at the beginning of September on the foundations – they will be working six metres from my back wall!! When they have finished the block will extend to 3 storeys above the height of my flat.
The prospect of the disruption, the noise, the dust and the eventual removal of light is too much to bear thinking about.
So the focus for me over the next few months will be to find somewhere new to live!!

All this means I am unlikely to have either the physical energy or the emotional energy to spend much time either on here or on FaceBook.
I will not have forgotten you all  🙂
If you do want to contact me please email me  –  I will be checking my inbox on a regular basis.

In the meantime life goes on  –
The cafe has sold a print of one of my paintings (I should have asked which one)
One of my poems will be appearing in an anthology of Yorkshire poetry due out early next year.
I hope to get back to painting again soon.
Occasionally a poem gets written –


I showed him
how to press the pod
to release the peas.

He will know
how to do that
for the rest of his life

and it was me
who taught him.


36 Responses to “This is how I am”

  1. Hi David

    What ever you do, don’t start smoking again!
    I hope you will find better a place to live (Whitby… 🙂 ) and that your health won’t be affected much by all of the stress.

    I love your legacy 🙂 You taught him how! 🙂

    We shall keep in touch I hope, I just sent you a mail minutes before I read that you posted here lol. I met some health niggles too lately and was offline for 3 weeks. Take plenty of rest and fresh air and I shall be thinking of you and your fight against/ flight from high buildings (it would be Don Quichote like, in case you would choose to fight. Maybe it is better to flight!)

    Arohanui 🙂

    • Hi Ina,

      Yes, we will keep in touch 🙂

      Moving to Whitby would be one option although I think it is unlikely.

      In this particular case flight is definitely the better option – however much I might want to have a tilt at that particular windmill!! 🙂

      You takr good care of yourself


  2. David,

    I was a bit worried about you. I haven’t been around so much lately either. My interest in Cyberville seems to wax and wane without warning. Maybe it’s a seasonal thing.

    Good luck with the home and hearth search. The idea of you being boxed in by more of those “bloody” high rise buildings is depressing.

    I suspect you are understating the health issues, of course. 🙂 I will be thinking of you. Stay in touch, please.

    The poem is a gem, expressing so much love and pride, while avoiding overly sentimental fluff that so often lengthens and cheapens such writing. Well done–not just the poem, but the insight you have to recognize importance of moments.

    It’s good to know you are still breathing over there.

    Oh! Don’t smoke!

    Much love,

    • Shirley,

      Thank you for your good thoughts. They are much appreciated – sometimes it is just good to know that people care!! 🙂

      I will get moved as soon as possible and I do have friends who will help me with that process. The first stage was to get my head in the right place to appreciate the benefits of moving rather than focus on the difficulties!!!

      The health issues I can deal with as long as I look after myself. DUH!!
      And being mammothly pissed off is not really a health issue!!! 🙂

      I am still breathing – one of the reasons I stopped smoking!!! 🙂

      You look after yourself too

      Much love

  3. David… can’t imagine how many health related issues popped up when I quit smoking ( a little over two years ago now)… was almost as if the “devil” was trying to wreck my efforts….it seemed to me to be part of the trail by fire…hang in there….as to the construction…FIE on that….try not to stay away from your online friends though….they can help you. Love.

    • Elaine,

      I have the same demon on my left shoulder now as I had when I stopped drinking.
      And she is spouting the same s**t now as she did then.
      But I didn’t listen to her then so I don’t propose to listen to her now!!
      Although sometimes she can be awfully bloody seductive!!

      And I won’t forget my online friends – I do know they can help

      My love to you

  4. David,

    This is great and I am so glad you posted it. People care about you and I am sure they are all pleased you posted too.

    And the poem! When you read it to me last week I just knew straight away it needed to be “put out there” and I am glad it finally arrived here 🙂

    I will journey with you through to finding a new home which, you never know, may end up being a good move. These things do happen for the best sometimes. Just make sure you can still attach the bird feeder! Preferably in a magpie free zone!!!:)

    And keep taking care of yourself – I will be checking up, but not too much to get on your nerves 🙂 But you are always there for me so I want to be there for you too.

    Love you loads



    • Christine,

      This comment made me smile – Thank you for that 🙂

      And I will take care of myself 🙂

      But if you want to keep checking up then ask me tomorrow if I have filled that form in yet!!
      I hate filling in forms but this one needs to be done!!!

      You take good care of yourself too

      Love you loads


  5. Congrats on the decision to stop smoking. Wishing you all the strength and resolve you need to fight the temptation to backslide! – L

  6. sandra glodrey Says:

    First of all, feel better!! When I quit smoking, I got asthma! it was horrible for a couple of years, but is almost nonexistent, now! I feel for you, with the building, because I hate feeling hemmed im. I hope you find the perfect spot! Love your poem, it is a simple truth, told so beautifully!! Take care.. Love & hugs!!♥

    • Thank you Sandy,

      I had a bloke call at my door yesterday trying to sell me something.
      I told him ‘No, thank you’ as opposed to ‘F**k off’ – I must be doing something right!!! 🙂

      Love and hugs to you too


  7. ps Congratulations on your anthology-entry 🙂 What will be the title of the book? And poem?

    • The poem is ‘Seasons in the City’
      I can’t remember the name of the anthology – something like ‘Contemporary Yorkshire Poetry’
      I was asked to submit some poems for consideration 🙂

  8. I hate the thought of you losing your light! It certainly is time to start looking! Congratulations on quitting smoking — best thing I did for my health, my personal presentation, and my budget!! 😎

  9. Good luck with the smoking and everything else David.

  10. I have enormous sympathy with you in these circumstances, David. It must be hard not to be angry with the planners and builders – or with life (Bloody Life!). Best of luck with the moving. Come back online only when you are ready.

  11. take care of yourself ,, this too shall pass… love the piece..

  12. Hi David,

    Now that sounds all dreadful the building part that is, but congratulations with your publication and the sale of a painting. Hang in there , take care of yourself…and drop a note ever so often , so we know you are still okay..
    Ciao, Francina

    • Thank you Francina,

      I am still following your train journey via my in-box. It is a delight.


      • Thank you , David! It’s good to hear from you again! Let worry not worry you too much. One day soon all the pieces in the puzzle fit again. Take good care of yourself .
        Ciao, Francina

  13. Glad to hear you are seeing to the most important task., which is taking care of David. Sorry to hear of your niggles.. hope they are sorted soon so you can feel your best. Blast those flats! Wish I lived closer, I have 2 very well lighted rooms here in this pizza oven in the No. CA valley.. I have lots of light, but can’t enjoy the sunny outdoors for most of the summer months. Congratulations on your accomplishments, they are what feeds the Spirit!..Will be sending lots of Love and Light across The Pond in hopes of finding that special place in which we thrive. xx K

    • “Love and Light from across the Pond” are very welcome – they do reach into that “special place” Thank you

      Just for today my Spirit feels well fed 🙂

      You take good care of yourself


  14. David,
    I’m going to miss you, but I’d be looking for another place too. Actually, if I can sell our place in New Mexico, Ethel and I will be moving to Wisconsin in the spring to be nearer to our daughters and grandchildren. I am not keeping up much either. I am not sure why, but I don’t seem to have the energy at the moment. I hope I don’t lose complete track of you. I admire you in several different ways. Tom, one of those that you taught that there are peas in the pod.

    • Thank you Tom,

      I do not plan to go away completely. There are people on here that I am determined to keep in touch with.

      So, like today, when the energy is present I will drop in 🙂

      You and Ethel look after yourselves.


  15. Sorry to hear about the enroachment about your home, David. May you find your new nirvana soon. I really enjoyed your short, heartwarming poem. I can well identify with that. I recently went to Wales for my birthday, so a new poem & piccys about that’s on my Facebook Wall. Happily be (:

  16. Anna Mark Says:

    Wow, David. I feel for you and your life, both is triumphs and tribulations. I really enjoy this poem about the pea pod. I had a similar experience with a woman who taught me how to crush a garlic clove to more easily remove the skin. I will always remember her. Blessings to you in your life’s adventures ahead. Strength in the face of it all.

    • Thank you Anna,

      I am working on moving my head from a place where it focuses on the difficulties to a place where it appreciates the benefits. If I can get my head there then the rest will become much simpler! 🙂

      “God, grant me the strength” I think is all the prayer I need


  17. Hi David,

    What a sweet poem! I like it very much! 🙂

    Congratulations on your stopping smoking!! My prayers have been with you that your health niggles are resolved soon.

    Congratulations too on your anthology entry!!

    I hope the home search is going well and you are not suffering too much stress from having to re-locate. I lived for years with construction all around me. So I can relate toyour needing to get out. It seemed every house we moved to, it was decided that all the houses around us needed to be pulled down and new ones put in. I know how grateful I am now to have some peace and quiet!
    I hope you are able to find a new home with good light nice surrounds and no chance of re-development.

    I’m sorry I’ve not seemed interested, been in touch. My bi-polar has kicked me hard after my surgery…goodness knows why…but while I may be doing well physically, my mental health is somewhat in disarry…I’m carrying on as best I can…

    In any event.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers during this time of transition.

    and K’sOTC 🙂

  18. good luck house hunting! like the legacy poem. well-done.

  19. missing you. hope you are well.

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