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This is how I am

Posted in Blogging with tags on August 11, 2012 by belfastdavid

I thought I should bring people up to date with what is going on for me as I haven’t been around much  –

Since stopping smoking (7 weeks now) I have been beset by a number of minor, though debillitating, health niggles.
I am well aware that starting smoking again is unlikely to help with these but the temptation is ever present!!!

I have recently been informed that planning permission has now been granted for another bloody great block of flats!
This block will be right behind my flat. Work will start at the beginning of September on the foundations – they will be working six metres from my back wall!! When they have finished the block will extend to 3 storeys above the height of my flat.
The prospect of the disruption, the noise, the dust and the eventual removal of light is too much to bear thinking about.
So the focus for me over the next few months will be to find somewhere new to live!!

All this means I am unlikely to have either the physical energy or the emotional energy to spend much time either on here or on FaceBook.
I will not have forgotten you all  🙂
If you do want to contact me please email me  –  I will be checking my inbox on a regular basis.

In the meantime life goes on  –
The cafe has sold a print of one of my paintings (I should have asked which one)
One of my poems will be appearing in an anthology of Yorkshire poetry due out early next year.
I hope to get back to painting again soon.
Occasionally a poem gets written –


I showed him
how to press the pod
to release the peas.

He will know
how to do that
for the rest of his life

and it was me
who taught him.