There are no such things as Seagulls – the Book

My new book is now available from Valley Press.

It will be available on Amazon and in bookshops shortly


27 Responses to “There are no such things as Seagulls – the Book”

  1. David,

    The journey continues. *smile* I am happy to see you publishing another book. The copy I just ordered will be often read, and much treasured. I think it’s probably time I gave your books their own shelf. The collection is growing!
    Congratulations on a life well done. I’m looking forward to reading.

    Much love,

    • Thank you Shirley,

      I am pleased with this book. It reflects I think much more who I am today than did the previous books.
      As someone said to me at the launch last night – “Your previous books were about journey. This book more about the place you have arrived at.” He may well be right.

      Don’t make too big a shelf, there may not be another one. But then I said that the last time!! 🙂


      Much love

  2. David,

    This is another great achievement!

    Who would have thought all those (many!!!) years ago when we met what was in store for you :):)

    I’m so glad to be able to share your achievement and consequent joy :):)

    Love you loads


    xxxs x

  3. Well done David,
    anything connected with Whitby certainly gets my itnerest, whether it be poems or photos. I look forward to seeing samples of these (:

  4. Hi David,
    and good afternoon, what happened to the Sun that shone earlier over Leeds this morning!
    Congratulations with the first book launch of TANSTAS it was a really nice reading and I could tell you enjoyed seeing friends there 🙂

    The cover of the book looks bright 😉 but we shouldn’t judge by looking at it! The 60 poems meander from longing to reflection, contemplating and back to longing, and always there is the sea, and bit by bit we get to know a little about the man who’s thoughts are shared here.

    (first attempt of a review 🙂 ) See you later! ( btw 2-1 😦 )
    Arohanui 🙂


    • Ina – you have a gift for book reviewing!!! :):)

      Sorry about the Leeds sun, it’s very temperamental!!

      Glad you are enjoying David’s events and I hope you enjoy reading. I would love to hear you read his poems in your own language – maybe sometime :):)

      Love and hugs


    • Thank you Ina,

      Not only for this comment but also for being there at both launches. It was my pleasure that you were there.

      That’s a nice review – Thank you for that too.

      And let us not talk about the football!!!

      I hope you have a good journey back home.



      • Hi David

        football, what was that again, completely slipped my mind…

        I am back home now, the journey went fine, though with some delay, and I had some (more) incredible encounters during the voyage 🙂
        This rip meant a lot, I am very priveleged to have met such nice people in Yorkshire, who made me feel so much at home, as you know, and the hospitality and kindness I found, in Flamborough and in the circle, the Carriage, the pub, it will all be in my memory. Your book launch (2 times) was a highlight for me, and the circle, the light in the haven 😉 will be in my thoughts for a long time. I hope you will have a good time tomorrow 🙂 and of course Sunday. Thank you very much for the art work that made it home alright!

        Arohanui 🙂

      • Hi Ina,

        I am so pleased that the trip turned out so well for you.

        It was a bit special for me that you made the journey.

        And thank you too for the photos on FB.
        I hope to get some more pictures done on Sunday and perhaps a video.


      • trip not rip lol

  5. Christine lanham Says:

    Congratulations David…Good luck with it.

  6. Hooray for David, Yay, you! I am anxiously waiting for this book to appear on Amazon — I want it. Congratulations!

  7. Katherine Says:


  8. Anna Mark Says:

    David — I am truly happy for you and your accomplishment with this publication. May you continue to love the world and what you write and paint…inspiring ; )

  9. Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you and all you’ve achieved to this point David! I know in many ways it has been a long wait but one well well worth it!
    I’m so very glad too from reading the comments that the book launches went well.
    I am looking forward to purchasing a copy. YIPPEE!! 😀 I know how much Whitby means to you and I find myself relating purely out of my own love for the seaside. I’m going to be having a lot of time to read soon. 🙂 So I very much look forward to the smiles, comtemplation and companionship of gazing out into the ocean I’ll gain having your poems with me to read and read again.
    Wishing you continuing success with ‘There’s no such things as Seagulls’ and this next part of your journey. May much happiness and contentment be with you.

    Take good care! 🙂
    and K’sOTC 🙂

    • Thank you Tikarma,

      You will be much in my thoughts over the next few weeks and knowing you will be reading my words with a sense of companionship is a real comfort to me.

      You look after yourself and give yourself time to recover – there is plenty of journey to be enjoyed in the future.

      I plan a trip to Whitby in the next few weeks – I want to see if the local bookshop will stock the book!
      I will send good ocean vibes to you while I am there 🙂

      and K’sOTC 🙂

  10. Francina Says:

    Congratulations, David!

  11. Enjoyed the “Herring Gull”

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