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Book launch and Poetry readings

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There are no such things as seagulls
Book Launch and Poetry Readings

My new book – ‘There are no such things as seagulls’ will be published by Valley Press in June of this year.
To coincide with this launch I will be doing a number of poetry readings   –  details below.
Please feel free to attend any or all of these.
Do let me know if you are coming. It will be good to see as many friends as possible.

Sunday 17th June – 1:30pm Bridlington Spa

This event, hosted by Jamie McGarry, is part of a day-long event by Valley Press.
So if you want a day of poetry, book readings, workshops and an opportunity to meet the publisher and some of the Valley Press authors, not to mention a day out by the seaside and an opportunity to buy some books then this is an event not to be missed!!

Monday 18th June – 7:30pm Carriageworks Theatre Leeds

This event, hosted by Ian Harker, will be run under the auspices of the Leeds Writers Circle but everyone is welcome.
The Carriageworks Theatre is in the Electric Press building on Millennium Square.

Sunday 24th June – 12:30pm Victoria Pub, Leeds

This event, hosted by David Tait, will allow you not only to sample good poetry but also to enjoy the ambience of one of the finest pubs in Leeds  –  good food, good ale, good atmosphere. If you like your pubs to be like pubs, as I do, then this is the place for you. The Vic. Is behind the Town hall in Leeds.

It is my intention at each of these events that selected poems from the book will be read not only by me but also by some of my friends.

Wednesday 27th June – 7:30 Heart Café, Headingley, Leeds

This is not a launch event as such. I will be reading along with four or five other poets at this event which runs on a regular monthly basis on the last Wednesday of each month.


Some Whitby Paintings

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I am posting these paintings by way of a progress report really I guess.
They represent as much as anything else a process of learning. Not only about painting itself but also about how a painting looks when I transfer it from my iPad.
I have discovered I need to be aware of what it looks like after printing.
I remember hearing David Hockney talking about just this on a television programme.  I didn’t understand what he meant then but I do now.


Towards Sandsend

If I had known, before I started, how challenging this painting would turn out to be I might well have not started it at all!
But there you go – Story of my life really.
And if I was to do it again I would probably do it differently.  Story of my life again!

But it is what it is and I learnt a lot along the way.

Whitby Abbey

This is another painting which gave me real challenges.
Tikarma very generously provided me with advice and guidance without which the painting would surely have finished ‘in the garage’.
The quality of the finished painting is down to me – not down to the quality of Tikarma’s advice which was really helpful.
The other challenge with this painting was for me to understand how it would look.
It looks really good when printed on a good quality printer. (I don’t have a good quality printer but I know a man who does! :))

If you take two paces back from the screen you get a clue!!!

Whitby Pier

This painting was done just because it was tremendous fun to do!
What it is all about really!  🙂

Oh, and one other thing –
I don’t half get a good feeling when I see one of my paintings framed and hanging on my wall!!!

Just to let you know

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I thought it only right to let you all know that, at least for the next few months, I will be much less present on here (and on FB for that matter) than I have been previously.

I want to give precedence to things in my real life (not that I am suggesting any of you are less than real, you understand 🙂 )

In particular two things are grabbing my attention –

I want to develop my painting. At the moment I am on a steep learning curve and the only way I will improve is by working at it. (As my friend Dave Rindahl say I need to practise, practise and then practise some more J )
It is not only that each painting takes me a long time but that if I want to paint landscapes, which I do, then I have to get out and about amongst the landscapes to discover what it is I want to paint. (Spring is such a good time to do that)

I am also spending time sorting out events for the launch of my new book – ‘There are no such things as seagulls’ to be published by Valley Press in June of this year. I will put up a post with details as and when they are finalised.

I will continue to post from time to time, but they are much more likely to be paintings rather than poems.

I will continue to comment from time to time on your posts, but it is likely to be on a random basis rather than a regular basis.
So please don’t think I have fallen out with you or that I don’t like your work – it is just that I won’t have had the time to read.

If you, very specifically, want me to read something or to get in touch then please send me an email.

My very best wishes to you all


Moving On

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Walking, on far end
of the promenade,
I am caught out
by weather’s sudden change.

It races across the bay,
disturbs water, creates
white tops on waves, arrives
horizontal in my face.

And as I look, into the wind
and rain, I see a light
flickering across vastness,
darkness of the sea.

I am reminded of candles lit on graves,
put there to make connection with those
who have gone before – their faces appear,
re-appear in blinking of the light.

No longer do I feel alone,
there is comfort, warmth almost,
in the presence, midst the storm,
of those I knew and loved.

I came here feeling loss, my mother
so recently departed from this life.
Yet now I feel a sense of reassurance,
a sense that she is here, with me, today.

And so I turn around,
pull hood over my head,
walk with wind now on my back –
Go forward once again.

This is not a new poem, but several things happening in my life prompted me to post it now, and I don’t think I have posted it on here before.