I will never find out
where the path leads
until I walk it.

I sit with my morning tea,
feel my eyes drawn,
not for the first time,
to a picture on my wall.

I slip through the glass
into the picture,
onto the path.

When I finish my tea,
I rise from my chair,
a decision has been made.


48 Responses to “Decision”

  1. Happy wanderings David. I really like your down-to-earth ponderings (:

  2. “Not all those who wander are lost.”

    Happy wandering, David!

    I love how this short poem says a lot — not just about choices, but imagination as well.

  3. As usual,you have started my day with a smile!! This musing sounds so familiar to me.. I think our minds run in similar directions!! Excellent write my friend!! Big Hugs!!

    • I have often thought Sandy that “our minds run in similar directions!” 🙂

      And I am always delighted when I can start your day with a smile

      Big Hugs to you too my friend 🙂


  4. Vera Hazelgrove Says:

    A great way to make a decision,
    – just after my own heart!
    a very nice poem … 🙂

    wish you a good week,

    Vera & Karley

    • Thank you Vera,

      The big decisions float round our heads for ages and then suddenly something triggers us off and the decision just seems to be obvious 🙂

      I wish you a good week too



  5. I can’t wait to hear more about this decision. 🙂

    Also, your poem reminded me of a scene in The Shadowlands.


  6. I really like these words and the images they evoke. And they go so well with the extraordinary photograph you submitted to The Background Story Valentine’s Day contest. Maybe you could post it again here?

    • Ehpem,

      I am delighted you have chosen to drop in.
      I did think about posting the photograph again.
      But it is alreadt posted under the title ‘Poem without words’
      And also, although the picture is integral to the poem, the poem is not really about the picture.

      Thank you

  7. Loved this one, David! There was a picture that used to hang in our home when I was young that had a path headed into the woods and I used to sit and do the same thing… wander along it in my mind. 🙂

  8. People don’t spend enough time in quiet contemplation…we need a lot more of that in this world…

  9. Ho brilliantly done and how well I know this and face it regularly… a wonderful piece David!

    • Some words of wisdom Katherine which were passed to me a long time ago and which continue to guide me to this day –

      “I never try to make a right decision. I make a decision and try to make it right.” – Martin O’Neill


  10. Your minds wandering and you think your in a picture, when was your last check up David 🙂

    Lovely poem 🙂

  11. A path is not worth walking if one knew where it led. A decision opening a world of the unknown sounds fair to me!

  12. Hi David,

    As always, I love your poem. Whatever the decision is you made, I hope it is a good one! (like: stop smoking, or : going to Holland for a holiday…)

    Love and hugs from sunny Whitby 🙂 I never ever want to leave this place!
    ps I love reading ‘Barney the parrot’ ! 🙂

    Arohanui 🙂 and 3 kisses


    • Hi Ina,

      Your comment has really made me smile 🙂

      You certainly picked a beautiful week to visit Whitby.
      Every time i go I never want to leave the place either 🙂

      Thank you



  13. “The path [road] not taken”,eh, David? I often come to my most satsifactory decisions over a cup of tea by a favorite window. Lovely poem to celebrate this method! Thank you for sharing.

  14. This seems to be about an ending and a beginning; I like it very much. I especially like the word ‘aware’ sitting there on its own; as if you are not only aware that a decision has been made, but that as a result, you are more aware in general, and fully alive to possibilities.

    • Thank you BH for this very perceptive comment.

      I spent so much of my life ‘unaware’ that I find great pleasure in being ‘aware’
      It is somehow very satisfying 🙂


  15. Hi David,

    I really do like this poem. It speaks to me of faith in the process. One can not force a path to appear or make a path more appealing because deep down you’d like it to be so.
    But with a good cuppa a lovely picture to get lost in and acceptance that we can’t always see around that proverbial corner we can let go and allow that right decision to settle in.
    Certainly a much more relaxing way to be aware than than getting all frustrated and angsty. 🙂

    Thanks again. I shall come back to this poem I think when I need to relax. 🙂 it has that effect on me. 🙂

    and K’sOTC 🙂

    • Hi Tikarma,

      I am smilimg because I too am well capable of doing “all frustrated and angsty” 🙂

      But when I can come to acceptance and remember to ‘trust the process’ life does run a whole lot more smoothly. 🙂

      That picture is on the wall in front of me when I sit in my armchair for my morning mug of tea. It is no bad place to get lost in. 🙂

      I have been contemplating your beautiful new painting this morning. I will be along to comment soon.

      and K’sOTC 🙂

  16. David, reading this poem at this moment meant more to me than perhaps it normally would. I just had tumors removed from my bladder and have to face up to the fact of cancer. The good news is that the cancer has not spread and there is a new kind of treatment with good success. The decision about the path I’m going to follow was not very hard, in spite of the risks involved, but I think I could have used your photograph this morning. I think I know what photograph it is, and I would have loved to walk beneath the bowing of the great tree limbs for awhile before taking a deep breath and moving forward.
    What makes me like your poetry so much is not always the poem itself, but the good spirit behind the poems. He’s been through a bit, come to a place where tea is a symbol for the good life–married with tits flying back and forth outside his window, of course, and decisions about the path to follow that can be made by staring at a picture with a path in it. You are a good person, then a good poet, my friend, and when the two are both present–and they are not always associated, magic is inevitable.

    • Tom,

      The warm-heartedness of this comment moves me greatly. Thank you.
      You are correct in identifying the photograph. It is on my wall because it calms me to step into it.
      You are right in most other aspects except that I am no longer married. (But that is far too long a story for this blog)

      And although your decision about the path you are going to follow may not have been “very hard”, it still requires courage to arrive at that acceptance and that decision. You will continue to be in my thoughts


  17. A painting with words, as always. Thanks!

  18. Francina Says:

    great poem, David! There are painting which seem to invite us in.
    And sometimes indeed when our thoughts take another path we see more clear and everything seems to fall in place.

    Ciao, Francina

    • Thank you Francina,

      Somehow, although they may occupy our thoughts for some time, the big decisions, when they come, seem to be the easiet to make. (I hope that makes sense – I know what I mean)


  19. choices often come with a sigh rather than a bang. imagination and how we frame various outcomes….quiet, unassuming, rich with heart. your writings always bring a degree of peace with their insight.

  20. The only constant is change – thank goodness.
    I enjoyed the poem. I’m glad I found your blog.


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