After Dreaming

I awaken to a darkness,
looking at shadows;
your form materialises,
asleep beside me.

I stretch out my hand,
rest it on your shoulder;
you open your eyes
and I can see you smile.

We hear the seagulls
walk across the roof,
set out along the front
to the café on the pier.

You say I love you.


53 Responses to “After Dreaming”

  1. 🙂 there it is!

    I love it. Here is the translation in Dutch:

    Na het dromen

    Ik word wakker in een duister
    kijk naar schaduwen;
    jouw vorm krijgt nu echt gestalte,
    slapend hier naast me.

    Ik strek mijn hand uit
    leg die op je schouder;
    Je opent je ogen
    ik kan je glimlach zien.

    We horen meeuwen
    over het dak gaan,
    vertrekken samen
    naar het café op de pier.

    Je zegt “Ik hou van je.”

    Arohanui 🙂

  2. David, This is a beautiful poem,

    I can feel the love in these words.

    Love you loads



  3. Smiling at your
    words,and the thoughts behind them!! I sometimes prefer my dreams!! Happy Valentines Hugs!!

  4. Beautiful David, oh so beautiful.

  5. So quiet and so very warm ~ a gentle ache.


  6. so very sweet, David… a nice little vignette of a comfortable love

  7. This poem caused me to catch my breath, when I came to the last line. What beauty, and honesty, and awareness. I love it. Thanks so much.

  8. A very apt poem for today…Sounds like a dream romantic encounter in Whitby (:

  9. and that’s what it’s about — sweet and lovely. how we hold love a necessity of expression.

    have a wonderful Valentines, David …….

  10. A pefectly lovely way to start the day with the beloved, whether still there in the flesh or only in spirit, in the heart. I love the hearing of seagulls walking across the roof, an excellent metaphor for that which empowers love to remain alive forever.

  11. What Jonnia said – “a gentle ache”…
    It’s the dreams and memories that spawn the best poetry… A lovely, poignant poem, David.

  12. a gorgeous poetic reverie… we need them sometimes..

  13. ♥ xxx ♥

  14. A love poem on valentine’s day about a moment after a dream. If dreaming is all it takes to realize a warm, comfortable moment of love wrapped up into a cloak of love words, then may we all, from this day forward, forever, start dreaming, and may we always wake with the love of our life beside us as the gulls walk on the roof above us as we look into eyes that smile. Tom and Ethel

    • “may we always wake with the love of our life beside us as the gulls walk on the roof above us as we look into eyes that smile”

      A prayer for all of us I think.
      I will write this out and pin it on the cork board in my kitchen to remind me on a daily basis.

      Thank you both


  15. A poem that gives a warm feeling and a smile in the darkness. Lovely.

  16. HI David,

    I do adore this poem. It leaves me with sense of contentment. Such a heartfelt dream in such a beautiful place.
    My mind is in a very visual space at the moment so the the lines about the seagulls on the roof and the cafe on the pier really bring this to life for me.
    Then again sometimes dreams do feel and seem so real they linger long after waking. This poem to me is like one’s first kiss that lingers on the lips and in the heart. Beautiful. 🙂

    I hope you are keeping warm and well rugged up!
    and K’sOTC 🙂

    • Hi Tikarma,

      I only have to imagine the sound of seagulls on the roof to be transported to that better place and to wander to that cafe on the pier for egg on toast and milky coffee 🙂
      And I do find that the warm feeling can linger long after day-dreaming 🙂

      And I am charmed by your analogy of the poem being like a first kiss – what a delightful thing to say 🙂

      I do hope your painting is going well.

      We are back out of the very bitter cold to normal February cold and I feel the better for it.

      Thank you

      and K’sOTC 🙂

  17. Awwww, this is very sweet and romantic. ❤

  18. Eyes that smile and my three favourite words. Beautiful.

  19. Any day that starts like this just has to be special. I wish you joy of it! N.

  20. beautiful poem.. I much enjoyed the read!

    Ciao, Francina

  21. David, such a beautiful and wonderful love poem. You are indeed a romantic at heart. Lots of hugs and love to you, Susan

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