Bird Song

She woke early,
not yet ready
to begin the journey
into waking.

The birds are planning
their day excitedly
out there
she thought,
sent me a text to tell me that,
turned over,
went back to sleep.

When I turned on my phone,
sometime later,
I felt like I’d been kissed.


38 Responses to “Bird Song”

  1. David

    This is beautiful; I have read it over and over.

    I can feel every bit of this lovely poem; your last verse is so very moving, and caused a tiny tear to trickle.




  2. Someone obviously loves you very much… x

  3. Christine lanham Says:

    How absolutely gorgeous !!!!!

  4. A grander love poem, I have never read!! Love , and all it seems to mean, David!! Hugs!!

  5. I felt tears swelling up David 🙂

  6. unbearably sweet…

  7. now that is a nice fresh look at the electronic age …. 🙂

  8. Wasn’t sure I could face the day before I read this. Now I know I can – and it’s going to be a good one. Thank you, my friend.

  9. What a lovely piece; I am in awe of you and your writing!

  10. Hmmm I can smell love in the December air!

    – L

  11. This is lovely. I love the way you initially suggest that she is there with you, then make it plain that she isn’t, then evoke the overwhelming feeling that she is there and very close, even though she isn’t (if you see what I mean!). Beautiful final line.

  12. What do you say about a morning poem like this? Other than that some days shine so bright that they remind you of love, and when love comes, then you feel like you’ve been kissed–even though the lips are miles and miles away. Lovely.

  13. a wonderful piece the last line makes this so perfect!

  14. “not yet ready
    to begin the journey
    into waking.”

    David I have fallen in love with these words.
    Thank you

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