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Holding Hands

Posted in Poetry with tags on October 25, 2011 by belfastdavid

They were standing,
backs towards me,
at the edge of the tide
looking out over the waves.

They were oblivious
to my presence;
I was watching
through binoculars
from some distance away

so could do nothing
when they took off their clothes,
kissed, held hands,
his right, her left,
and walked
straight out
into the sea.


Living in the City 3

Posted in Poetry with tags , on October 18, 2011 by belfastdavid

Go with a friend for breakfast
to the café by the river;
it is not the sort of café
which offers a fat-free option:
my breakfast is delicious.

Walk past the Blood Donor Centre
as I go up the Headrow
on my way to the dentist,
wonder if I call in
would they offer me a top-up.

Visit a bookshop
on my way back,
I deserve a treat I tell myself
pleased to have found
such a good excuse.

I am behind a young lady,
as we approach the crossroads
the wind picks up her skirt,
forces her into an impression
of Marilyn Monroe.
I compliment her
0n the attractiveness of her bum,
she smiles, says Thank you.

Call in at my doctors,
the girl on reception
expresses surprise
when I tell her my age,
says I do not look it.
I must call in, see her,
more often.

Bird Spotting

Posted in Poetry with tags , , on October 12, 2011 by belfastdavid

On the first morning
of my holiday
I discover what it is
I have forgotten to bring.

My woolly hat,
some gloves,
my bird book.

Are those peewits?
the lady asks
looking through the mist.

I doubt it,
describe them to
the girl in the café,
she does not know either.

The lady behind the counter
says her brother will know,
he will be in on Friday.

I will be back home on Friday.

Living in the City 2

Posted in Poetry with tags , on October 9, 2011 by belfastdavid

My lonely bed behind me,
I step out on my balcony
into hot, humid air so heavy
it feels like I’ve been kissed;

which is the only kiss I am likely to get today
in this God forsaken city where an open window
invites in the fumes and pollution of the motor car,
no less deadly because it is unseen than the smog
which filled the city streets of my youth,

and I long for those places
where I felt a warmth, a kinship
with the people,
with the streets,
with the landscape,
with the air
which had an honesty in its pollution,

and where my bed
was a place of sanctuary
and not of loneliness.

Poems from the Anthology

Posted in Poetry with tags on October 4, 2011 by belfastdavid

A number of my poems are in the ‘Leeds Writers’ Circle Anthology 2011′.
These two were read at the launch.
It is quite a strange experience to be sitting in the audience while other people read your poems. Particularly, given that my poems are all written for my own voice, when they are read by females. They both did a terrific job. As did every body involved in the launch – it was a really enjoyable occasion.

Park Square

A small oasis set within the city,
some grass, some flowers and many, many trees.
Surrounded as it is by office buildings,
a place where I can sit and take my ease,

And then, from out of nowhere, came a squirrel
disappearing up a tree with little fuss.
It can’t have walked along the streets to get here.
I wonder if, in fact, it took a bus.

Yeadon Tarn

A circle of clear water,
its surface smooth, unruffled,
reflecting clouds overhead

broken only by a rock
protruding at its centre,
ugly, incongruent,

occupied from time to time
by a white duck with attitude,
surrounded by his harem

declaring by his stance:
‘This is my rock, my pond,
you are an intruder – Quack off.’

Further details of the Anthology can be found at

Leeds Writers’ Circle Anthology

Posted in Blogging on October 3, 2011 by belfastdavid

Hopefully I will be at Ilkley tonight for the launch of the Leeds Writers’ Circle anthology.
9:00pm at Ilkley Playhouse.
(I understand that 2 of my poems from the anthology will be read at the launch).
So come along, say hello, enjoy the event, buy a copy!!
Or get a copy from the publisher  –