No, I don’t understand it either

As I walked
through the door
of my local supermarket

The man in front of me
gently caressed
his partner’s bum.

She said
“I don’t think
it’s warm enough
to have a barbecue.”


43 Responses to “No, I don’t understand it either”

  1. This has given me a “laugh out loud moment!

    Thank you.

    and I’m pleased you feel better for your walk. 🙂

    Love you lots



    • Morrisons supermarket at Kirkstall it was.
      And I have always regretted not stopping them to ask what she meant 🙂

      I do feel better for the walk 🙂

      Love you lots

  2. I have seen a lot of men do that, it makes me sick 🙂 that their wife’s bum is small enough.

  3. English are weird… a bbq on a persons behind?

  4. Very funny short poem (:

  5. Lovely: funny and mysterious and touching (literally and metaphorically!). Overheard snippets are so intriguing; I recently heard a woman in a restaurant say: I know why he thinks I’ve got a short temper; it was the incident with the toothbrush.

    Now there’s a short story waiting to be written!

  6. midaevalmaiden Says:

    Their moment of barbaque reflection is now memorialized forever on this blog. couples, do say the most strange things to each other.

  7. Funny. I’m with you – I don’t understand it. I’ve read it now a half a dozen times and I keep thinking I will understand it but I really don’t. I think I’m going to leave it to mystery before my head starts hurting. 🙂

    • That,s the problem Cathy with listening in on other people’s conversations – we are left with mysterys we can never solve!!! 🙂

      It is warm enough today for a barbeque 🙂


  8. He was obviously thinking about buns…loved this, David.

  9. LOL I actually miss those days!! Thanks for the smile!!

  10. Hi David,

    *LOL* There’s nothing like couples to keep the mind boggled. The language of familairty can be most confusing. They know what they’re on about. 🙂
    I just see a typical gender split. She’s all thinking about guests and cooking and the likely chance of rain, he’s already fast forwarded past the clean-up. 😀
    Who knows! Then again Gonecycling may well be right, he’s just gone all Freudian with burger buns. 🙂

    Thanks for the smile and the chuckle.
    I hope your week ends even better than it started. ((hug))


    • Hi Tikarma,

      Thank you for making me chuckle all over again this morning.

      I love the whole process of observing people – snippets of conversation like this allow us all to make up our own stories 🙂

      I am going to the dentist this afternoon to get a tooth removed – hopefully then I will have a better end to the week!!
      Thank you for the hug – always appreciated 🙂


      • 🙂
        Glad I could give you a chuckle. 🙂

        Overheard snippets are certainly one of life’s amusing mysteries.
        I never fail to get a chuckle on my bus rides. 🙂
        Maybe it’s the story teller in us. It’s like a round robin, trying to determine how a conversation might end. 🙂

        I hope the dentist trip wasn’t to traumatic. A bothersome tooth removed is certainly a better end to the week. ((hug)) I hope the recovery and healing are quick.

        Extra (((BSH)))

      • Thank you Tikarma,

        The healing is taking place.
        Possibly helped by the fact that on the way home from the dentist I popped into a bookshop. Bought one book as a treat and a second one just because!! 🙂

        Good excuse to visit a bookshop don’t you think 🙂


  11. Funny 🙂
    Makes you wonder if people’s private lives are far more interesting your own…

  12. lol! yea, this made me laugh, and i don’t know what i’m laughing about!!!! such a wonderfully quipped and caught moment. 🙂

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