I spent all afternoon
looking through
my knicker drawer;
problem was
none of them were suitable.

I had to disqualify
those with holes in the backside,
white ones – too plain,
those which played music when squeezed,
or with pictures of Fred Flintstone,
or which said Glentoran Football Club,

and the ones I was keeping as souvenirs,
a thong that got left behind when she left,
the lace ones I bought her for Christmas,
and the ones she said were her favourite.

It is clearly impossible
to be a super-hero
if you have no knickers
to wear on the outside.


26 Responses to “Heroes”

  1. 🙂 If you start wearing lace thongs on the outside, I want a good photo camera and a ticket to Leeds!

    LOL please don’t ever wear any of the above? Outside or inside!

    The ones that played music when squeezed… Wow 🙂

  2. Hi David, so your Knicker drawer is the same as mine, old worn out with holes, its a good job no-one sees them.

    The Glen’s knickers 🙂 i would bin them 😉

    • Ah now Harry, I haven’t yet given up hope that someone will want to see my knickers!! 🙂

      I had many happy times watching the Glens in my youth. Their’s was the nearest ground to where I lived and I could walk there. I drove past the ground the last time I was home – It doesn’t seem to have changed much over all those years.


  3. Elaine Randall English Says:

    A poverty of knickers huh?

  4. Poignant somehow, but with your usual smile included.. Thanks for starting my day!! Hugs!!

  5. Love this David, it cheered me up!

    I think I may well keep clear of your knicker drawer!

    Love you lots




    • Thank you Christine,

      I am delighted to have been able to cheer you up 🙂

      And, as you well know, a lady would never contemplate going near a man’s knicker drawer!!! 🙂

      Love you lots

  6. So David you are an ex east Belfast man, i’m from North Belfast and a Crusader fan, i used to live on the Shore Rd.
    When i was young we were so poor we only had two pair of knickers 🙂 and we were lucky, some only had one 🙂

    • Ah Harry, when I was young………………………………..

      I watched the Glens in the days of Walter Bruce and Trevor Thompson. I was there to see them play Benfica (Eusebio and all). I haven’t seen them live in decades now, but I still look out for their results


  7. A good mix of tongue & cheek as well as the deeper meanings to this (:

  8. * Big Smile*

    It must be time for the annual shopping trip surely David. 🙂

    I’ll never understand this male need to hang onto one’s knickers and socks! *lol* though keepsakes can be nice. 🙂

    Thanks for the smile. True superheroes don’t need sparkly underwear to save the world…:-) Besides no-one looks good in spandex. 🙂

    I hope your week is ending on calm and peaceful note. 🙂


    • *Big Grin*

      I am a true example of the “male need to hang onto” 🙂
      Shall we talk about sweaters or scarves for that matter. I have a scarf so old that I have, in fact, been out with women younger than my scarf!!! 🙂

      I am not even going to attempt to do an image of me in spandex!!!!! LOL

      I have had a strange sort of unsettled week, but am getting there. I have a poetry workshop to attend tomorrow morning – I am really looking forward to that.

      You take good care of yourself


  9. This made me laugh. You are very clever. You take the mundane act of selecting “knickers” and make it interesting and thoughtful. Musical knickers, huh?

  10. big, big smiles! certainly i would have to agree! and ashamedly admit i have none that would be suitable for any worthy superhero.

  11. I love this piece! So funny!

    The part where you mentioned souvenirs “she” left behind is sad, though. I love how you put it there in the middle of all the funny stuff.

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