Random September Thoughts

In response
to Tikarma’s poem ‘Fragility’ –

I love a poem which takes me to the beach,
sits me down on the sand,
and makes me take the time to look,
really look,
at the small things, the useless things,
of beauty,
which had always been there,
right in front of my face,
had I bothered
to remove my head
from up my arse.

You look out your window
at a single tree she said
and see a forest.

I had never considered it
like that before
but now, when I look out,
the thoughts conjoin
and make me smile.

Each night before I go to sleep
I lay my arm
across the pillow,
fingers spread
so that

should you decide
to come visit, in my dreams,
you will find it easy
to hold my hand.


25 Responses to “Random September Thoughts”

  1. Elaine Randall English Says:

    I truly loved that last part….deeply moving.

  2. Really lovely. I totally agree with Elaine – such a beautiful final thought.

  3. I have been looking forward to this and what a beautiful gift you have given to us all.

    The thought process that enabled you to arrive at the last two verses is so moving, as are the verses themselves of course, very moving indeed. They brought “only to be expected tears.

    Really really well done 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Love you lots



  4. Very good David, i loved the end of the first verse, nearly as good as mine 🙂

  5. Hi David,

    wonderful poem, we just came back from the beach, the light is really great in September. I love poems about the beach and sea too.

    You look at a forest, and see single tree 🙂

    Good thoughts halfway this month 🙂

    Much love 🙂

    • Thank you Ina,

      I envy your proximity to the beach – just the place to be when the summer visitors have all gone home 🙂

      I do have favourite trees when I visit the forest 🙂

      September is always a good month for me – my spirits lift again as we move into Autumn 🙂

      Much love

  6. Hi David,

    That last verse just blows me away! It is so poignant.
    I’ve read your Random September Thoughts several times now in my inbox and the emotion doesn’t fade at all, it grabs me fresh and stuns me every time. 🙂

    I really like

    “You look out your window
    at a single tree she said
    and see a forest.”

    This could be taken several ways. 🙂 It is quietly profound.

    It is pleasantly comforting I think to know that even in the seeming randomness of life and our thoughts that they do hold a continuity which leads us smoothly from one moment to the next.

    I enjoyed this and your thought process. Your reply on my poem still leaves me somewhat speechless. I do think it is truely the most beautiful response anyone has had to one of my poems.

    I hope you are enjoying your week and the cooler weather. 🙂

    p.s. thankyou for sharing the link to my poem. That was very kind of you. 🙂

    • Hi Tikarma,

      I am always fascinated by this process – I jot things down in my notebook, and then when I read them later I realise they comcatenate in a way which tells a fuller story. I guess my muse does that in order to catch my attention 🙂

      My reponse to your poem was instantaneous – a physical reaction almost!! 🙂

      We are in the dying throws of Hurricane Katia over here at the moment. She travelled across the Atlantic and is giving us the benefits of her warm and windy (very) weather.
      But I am well.

      You take good care of yourself.


  7. This is really lovely. Sometimes we need to cut down the background chatter and get back to basics.

  8. midaevalmaiden Says:

    as likely the only non-poet in this comment thread, I have no eloquent way to put it. But I do so love the image your words here shared with me. And I like the way tikarmavodicka replied using the word continuity. That word somehow fits with the pleasing picture in my mind.

    • Thank you Sara,

      I am pleased that the words speak to you.
      There is a continuity I think in all things. We just need to look and to follow the threads which are there. 🙂

      And to listen to the secrets of the plants 🙂


  9. Really loved this, beautiful David.

  10. As usual, very eloquent, and moving! You are a master, and here, I see the whole forest, and have to strive to see a tree!! Love this!! Hugs!!

  11. love this David!! “had I bothered
    to remove my head
    from up my arse.”..indeed I’m guilty of this too lol

  12. Each night before I go to sleep
    I lay my arm
    across the pillow,
    fingers spread
    so that

    should you decide
    to come visit, in my dreams,
    you will find it easy
    to hold my hand.

    I love this. It’s full of longing but also full of hope.

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