Just Another Day

Being flirted with
by an attractive young lady
in a fish and chip shop,

Watching knickers go round
in a washing machine
in a nearby launderette,

Struggling single-handedly
to put a king size duvet
back in its king size cover,

Pondering a vacuum cleaner
which generates great noise
but apparently does not suck,

Rescuing poems
from a computer
which died,

Drinking numerous cups of tea
and smoking, perhaps,
the occasional cigarette.

“So what!” you may say.

But it all helps
oil the wheels
which spin the world.


33 Responses to “Just Another Day”

  1. Hi David,

    This is terrific, my favourite of your poems now 🙂 You have woven your daily life matters into poetry of recognizing and relativating. (it would be nice if I could express myself better, sorry.)

    I can relate to the joy of laundry lol I think it is the best thing of housekeeping 🙂

    I have a trick for duvets and covers: do the covers inside out, put your hands in all the way into the corners, grab the corners of the duvet (I looked the word up, you do mean the bed I think) in the same hands and just shake it into place!

    “Pondering a vacuum cleaner
    which generates great noise
    but apparently does not suck” 🙂 that is the best piece.

    “The occasional cigarette” leaves room for speculation, but I think you are going to be less and less occasional as a smoker 🙂 I have faith in you!

    So the wheels are on the right track, well oiled and spnning. Keep it steady 🙂 And I didn’t hink “So what” even once!

    Have a nice stormy day!
    Much love and a big hug

    • Thank you Ina,

      The mundanities (I think that is a word :)) of daily living are what our lives are all about – if we can enjoy those then our life will be much better. And we can deal with the big things much better methinks 🙂

      I shall remember your trick for dealing with duvet covers the next time 🙂

      Vacuum cleaners and me do just not get on!!! I hate vacuuming with a passion!!!!

      The smoking continues to get less – the irritation levels are variable!!! 🙂

      It was a stormy day here yesterday, it is stormy again today. but I quite like stormy days. Would that I was sitting looking out over a stormy sea

      Much love and a big hug to you too

    • I wondered where you were going with the first line of this! But, as you say, it all helps oil the wheels which spin the world. Good fun! (Glad you rescued those poems).

      • Ah John, flirting when both parties know there is no next is one of the simple pleasures of my life.

        It is, after all, only when things develop further that complications arise 🙂


  2. Hey David,

    Those duvet covers can be such a bitch! Well, it’s NOT just another poem. I really enjoyed it.

    Take care,


  3. Now I don’t care that it’s tipping down with rain outside. I, too, liked the lines about the hoover. I hope you manage to retrieve your lost poems.

    • Now that’s an expression I haven’t heard in a while – “tipping down with rain”. I like it. 🙂

      It was more blowing horizontal past my window yesterday 🙂

      This was one of of those retrieved poems – I am getting there

      Thank you

  4. Hi David,

    I love this! They may be spimple reflections but it’s those small things that create a bigger picture.

    I must confess I do not miss the laundrette. 🙂 Nor am I a great fan of laundry either. It just never ends! *childish pouting* 😀
    Ironically though I enjoy ironing. 🙂

    I was no fan of duvet covers until I was shown the trick that Ina’s shared with you. Turning the duvet cover inside out works! Saves a lot of time too. 🙂

    Thankyou for elevating the mundane. We (the universal we) often dismiss it so much yet all these little things as you put so well do keep the world spinning that I’m sure would surely break or starve! *cheeky grin* inside 48hours without them.

    Thankyou too for the Big Smile 🙂 My day is now much better for this read.

    Stay warm and dry.

    • Hi Tikarma,

      As I said to Ina, if we can take pleasure in the small things then our days will run much easier. It is all about living in the moment I think.

      I haven’t done any ironing in a long time now – only for special occasions. For Gareth’s wedding my friend Carol insisted on ironing my shirt – she didn’t trust me not to take it out of the packet and wear it without ironing it first!!!! 🙂

      I am always delighted when I provide you with a smile 🙂

      You take good care of yourself

  5. This is lovely!

    To begin with your personality is easy to flirt with! (We have talked about this – your personality, I mean) 🙂 🙂

    I remember your vacuum cleaner growling at me! I expect it is now feeling a bit sorry for itself!

    The occasional cigarette sounds good – you are doing really well; I am proud of you.

    This poem is lovely and certainly doesn’t evoke a “so what”!
    As someone said the simple things make up the bigger picture and I love your last verse.

    A really entertaining poem in a style that can only be yours!! 🙂

    Love you lots



    • *Big Smile*

      Thank you Christine,

      Gentle flirting is certainly one of those things which help “oil the wheels……..”. I enjoy it 🙂

      I am pleased with my progess with reducing smoking, although these days it is me who is inclined to growl rather than my vacuum cleaner 🙂 David Tait told me that at the Writers’ Circle on Monday evening I was like a “bulldog with lipstick” DUH!! But I didn’t actually fall out with anybody and those who were talking to me at the start of the evening were still talking to me at the end. 🙂

      I do enjoy writing this sort of poem – it does usually mean that I am in a good place 🙂

      Love you lots

  6. See, now that sounds like a pretty full day to me. And a pretty good one, too (you must let me know where that fish-and-chip shop is, as we’ll be passing through Leeds next month…) A splendid read, David – makes me wish I’d had your day, not mine!

    • The fish and chip shop concerned is in Otley Nick, not so far from Leeds depending on which direction you are going.

      I cannot offer fish and chips but it would be my pleasure to offer you tea and biscuits on your way past,if you have time.
      Do send me a separate email and we will see what we can arrange.


  7. midaevalmaiden Says:

    a pleasant day of simply being. I enjoyed this. Im glad that I dont have to go out to do laundry, but then again, back in the days when I did, the chance to sit, and wait, and sit while doing it, always provided pleasnt oppertunities to ponder lifes mysteries.

    • The ability to simply be Sara is one that I need to cultivate – it can easily slip away if I don’t nurture it 🙂

      I have found that the launderette is a pleasant place to do that

  8. Vera Hazelgrove Says:

    I like this poem!
    I am sure the knight in shining armor had to work at polishing it, even though it’s usually not mentioned with his heroic deeds 🙂
    Very down to earth, but so gallantly told!
    Yes, this makes the world go round 🙂

    with Love
    Vera & Karley

  9. and that world needs its spin …………..

    i need to check my subscriptions more often — am always late to the party. sort of ticks myself off at myself. deepest apologies and strike it up to my grace at flake-hood.

    i like the moments you’ve caught here, like a rubiks cube of treasured realities. moments. the parts that make the whole something lighter to shoulder.

    and so glad you were able too rescue some poems … now get those files burned to disc!

    • You are always welcome Eileen – whenever you turn up!! 🙂

      I do like the thought of a “rubiks cube of treasured realities” It gives way to the illusion of changing realities as we twist the cube – There could be a poem in that. 🙂

      Part of the problem with rescuing old poems is that the copies on CD were created using a different word processor. so I have the option of either buying a copy of that or re-typing the poems as I want them – I quite like the process of doing that. 🙂


  10. know what you mean … i have some in works, some in word, some in one note ……but now mostly save important writings to text. that or html. in windows, under accessories, you have “notepad.” that is a text editor, and it doesn’t encrypt contents. of course, there’s no spellcheck and so on.

    but is best bet for having a file that will “open” in the future no matter what new programs come up. saving anything to Acrobat is a pretty safe bet, too. Adobe’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

    know what you mean about retyping writes, though …. getting to go back over them. change a words here and there — polish things while you’re at it. it’s like going through old pictures.

    glad you like the rubik’s idea ….. forget what i was watching and why i had that on the brain 🙂

    • I am inclined to think Eileen that I would have been better to convert them to PDF format and then save them to CD – that way I would always be able to read them.

      Or perhaps store the PDF versions somewhere on the web that only I have access to. That would work methinks.

      I am smiling at your “change words here and there”. I have done that in a few places but mostly I am resisting the temptation to do that. The poems represent what and who I was at the time they were written and therefore it would feel wrong to alter them 🙂

      I still haven’t got round to writing that rubik’s poem but the thought is there 🙂


      • there’s a free desktop publishing program i found recently in Linux Ubuntu …. but they have a Windows version, too. it’s called “Scribus.” can format everything like a book, with illustrations and all, and save to PDF. a really handy program.


        and you know … i never thought about “saving as is” on writes …. dang it, now i’m gonna feel guilty if i get the urge to switch something out! 🙂

      • I will have a look at “Scribus” Eileen – sounds interesting.

        As for old writes, particularly poems, I have poems which people tell me are favourites of theirs – it would be wrong of me, I feel, to alter them. Although I have used old poems to spark off new poems!!! 🙂


  11. guttermutt Says:

    And life carries on ~~~~ with or without us… 😉

  12. But it all helps
    oil the wheels
    which spin the world.

    The little thrills, the little hassles — we often overlook them and forget about them, but it’s these kinds of moments that really make up everyday life.:)

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