My poem ‘Living in the city’ has now been published in the e-zine ‘Speech Therapy’.
I am delighted.

It was the encouragement I received on here which prompted me to submit it  so thank you all for that.

If you want to go visit the site is at



16 Responses to “Publication”

  1. christine Says:

    Well done David, a very deserving publication.

    Lots of love



  2. Congratulations David! 🙂

    It’s alwaysa delight to see your work being published and this poem is certainly a piece worthy of more attention.


    • Thank you Tikarma,

      When I think how uncertain I was about this poem in the first place, it just goes to show how much I know!!!! 🙂


  3. Hey,

    Congratulations! I’m gonna go check you out!

  4. Hi David,

    More to come surely? 🙂

    Much love and a big hug

  5. congratulations my friend… wonderful!!

  6. Vera Hazelgrove Says:

    Congratulations from us too! 🙂
    Well done!

    with Love
    Vera & karley

  7. Congratulations. I do remember seeing this on FB updates. I am proud to be your friend, and I don’t know why on earth you would say it surprises you to have your work accepted! Good going, Irish!

    Much love,

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