This is a dead computer

Hi All,

My computer died last Friday – defunct, gone, useless!!

As a result I have had to buy a new computer. In the process I have lost all my email addresses  –  so if I had yours please send me a message with your email address so that I can rebuild the address file.

I have also lost all my poetry files so I will have to see whether I can resurrect them from the wreckage or whether I have to key them in again (I have some backed up to CD  –  yes, I know I should do that more regularly!!!)

I have got one of my email accounts working again (the btinternet one), the other I can only access via webmail but I am working on sorting that out (fingers crossed)

I also have to learn a new word processor – this one has Word whereas the previous one had Works (I liked Works)

So quite a lot of work to be done.  The major thing I want to do is the poetry. I had a publisher possibly interested in publishing another book (the Whitby poems) so I need to get those poems sorted out. If the worst comes to the worst I have hard copies of all the poems so can always retype them.

In the meantime I will try to keep up with your blogs, but if I fall behind please excuse me.

And of course activities of daily living carry on just the same 🙂

My best to you all



22 Responses to “This is a dead computer”

  1. Hi David,

    you will like Word I think. Somtimes it gets on my nerves, as it doesn’t always gives me the lay out I want, but most of the time it works perfectly.

    Good to see you might have a new book coming up! Whitby will be thrilled too 🙂 If it gets published, I will get me one for sure.

    Thanks for still finding the time to comment on my poem, as you must have a lot to do at the moment . Good luck with everything!

    Take care of yourself!

    {{{{ big Dutch hug }}}} and love.

    • belfastdavid Says:

      Hi Ina,

      I will get to like Word I am sure – as long as I can type my poems in I will be satisfied 🙂

      More on the book later if it happens – I will let you know.

      I will try to keep up with the posts of my favourite poets (that includes yourself 🙂 ) but until I get caught up with rescueing my poems and my photos I may be a bit hit and miss. So bear with me.

      You take care of yourself too

      (((Big Irish Hug)))

  2. Elaine Randall English Says:

    Oh boy…so sorry. You may still have my email address….if not, give me a message on Facebook and I’ll get it to you. Good luck in the adjustment. I have faith in you.

    • belfastdavid Says:

      Thank you Elaine,

      Got it now 🙂

      I will get there particularly now that I have a lot to do to take me through the dog days of summer *Grin*


  3. Hi, David: I know your writing will endure.. My computer is wavering in and out of life and death. I had lost my own e-mail address and in the process of changing addresses, almost lost my identity in writing. The latest address I am working on keeping for my files is:, and facebook has me written as (something like that). This too may change with discovery of the intriguing (to say the least) computer. Please keep in touch. I will try too to keep in touch with you.

  4. Vera Hazelgrove Says:

    Congratulations to your new computer!
    may it live long and you prosper … 🙂

    Best wishes for recovering or putting together your poems again, I am glad you get another opportunity to publish more of your poems!

    About your program, – it is really difficult to make such changes, one seems to get so used to do things the same way! On the other hand there might be new features which you will like in the new program. I wish you that all will go smoothly!

    with Love
    Vera & Karley

    • belfastdavid Says:

      *Big Smile*

      Thank you Vera. In lots of ways this is giving me the opportunity to make a fresh start so I am looking forward to the challenge 🙂

      For sure it will keep me busy and that is no bad thing.

      You and Karley look after yourselves


  5. Oh my David, I hate when our computers suddenly decide to retire, before us!! I hope the learning curve is kind to you and you’re in the swing again very soon. FYI I use Gmail, all my contacts remain backed up via their site. I also use Google Docs for saving copies of important documents. If you don’t like Word, try Open Office It’s all free. Hugs…

    • belfastdavid Says:

      Thank you Kathleen for dropping in with words of support. They are very much appreciated. It is always good to know that good friends are always there.

      I am always fascinated by the reality that I am very capable of learning and adapting when I have the motivation to want to. (I hope that sentence makes sense!)

      Hugs to you too

  6. Glad you are still here missed you my friend!

    • belfastdavid Says:

      Thank You Katherine,

      I missed my friends on here too when I had no method of contacting them.
      Forgive me if I am a bit lax in commenting on your work over the next few weeks – It will take me a little while to get back into a rhythm again


  7. Thank you for the privilege of writing and the association
    With Word Press too; this is a bridge of a gap with a nation,
    UK, with my favorite poet (one of them, is definitely you.)

    Someone special who writes poetry in Washington DC
    Said to me that poetry was my passion or a word That escapes my mind and tendency too. Hope we can communicate in a special way that is just the right thing to do. The poet of the day with me is David Agnew..

  8. Hi David,

    My apologies I’m so late. I’ve not been too well so am running slow.

    I’m sorry to hear your computer died,((hugs)) and Congratulations on the new computer!! 🙂 ((hugs))
    It can be quite a task getting started up again. I hope the process won’t be too arduous a task?
    I’m very relieved that you have hard copies of all your poems! *sigh of relief*
    That is a wonderful teaser too about the intrest in your Whitby poems. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed and wishing you much success that the publisher follows thorugh in his intrest.

    I hope you’ve been having a lovely week? All the best to you for getting sorted and becomming familiar with your new computer.


    • belfastdavid Says:

      Hi Tikarma,

      No need to apologise. I do understand that real life gets in the way sometimes and I hope you are beginning to feel better. You look after yourself now. 🙂

      I am beginning to get myself sorted out now. I just have to be patient! DUH!! And do the things I need to do – they will get done when they get done!! 🙂

      I am hopeful for the book – a lot of work to be done in rescueing poems and putting together a manuscript, but it will keep me busy 🙂

      I also need to sort out getting my camera to work with this new computer – hopefully there will be no problem with that.

      I hope your week gets better. I will be thinking of you


  9. wow that sucks …. been fighting tooth and nail just this week myself, to keep the ol’ machines running as they should. extra-attacks, windows update screw-ups … and i think there is a vulnerability in flash AND java that are as yet not being addressed.

    • belfastdavid Says:

      Ah the old one has been dying slowly for some time now, but as usual I put off doing something about it until it finally gave out!!! DUH!!

      Good to have you drop in Eileen

  10. David,

    You have been busy! Or, maybe it is that I have been too much busy and allowed myself to get so far behind on reading blogs.
    A comment on this one seems a bit redundant, as the problem is so obviously “fixed” now, but I do want you to know I read it, and I sympathize with your experience. I hope you are well. Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts.

    Much love,

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