A Snowy Day in Leeds

that sound
is deadened
by my hood

I sense
the presence
growling up

Backward glance,
a black Range Rover.

I anticipate
but can’t avoid
the freezing splash
of muddy slush.




27 Responses to “A Snowy Day in Leeds”

  1. I am going to pinch your word ‘delicious’ here to describe the humour in this poem. You paint a vivid picture with your words and I can just see you, head down, hood up; as if battling with the elements isn’t enough! There is always one isn’t there, and it usually is the cdreaded Range Rover!

    You bring the poem to a wonderful finish with the use of onomatapoea. I have been longing to use that word!! *smile* Splash and slush say it all, and my reaction would have definitely mirrored yours!!

    lots of love



    • belfastdavid Says:


      The general opinion at the Leeds Writers’ Circle, after we had discussed it as a poem, was that we don’t like people who drive black Range Rovers!!! 🙂

      Lots of love


  2. Christine Lanham Says:

    Love this David …you are so clever…you still make me smile.

  3. Elaine Randall English Says:

    OH POO……what a drag…DAMMIT! ha ha…sorry.

  4. Vera Hazelgrove Says:

    We don’t have muddy slush here, – more a barrage of sand with tiny rocks or a slosh of rainwater, – but which ever hits you – is definitely the pits and you have my sympathies!
    You did that very well 🙂

    Sunny summer greetings to cheer you up,
    from Vera & Karley

    • belfastdavid Says:

      Muddy slush is definitely the worst Vera – it sticks to your clothes and then slides down!!!

      Thank you – I enjoyed the process of working it into a poem – once I got dry 🙂

      “Sunny summer greetings” are always very welcome 🙂

      My best to you both


  5. peta straatman Says:

    I have only ever read poems about snow which speak about a pristine white blanket sparkling softly and magically over rooftops and turning dirty cityscapes into a wonderland. This tells it like it really is!
    luv Peta

  6. lol in the south… this is not uncommon..frustrating..but made me smile..

  7. Hi David,

    *LOL* I do very much appreciate your humour. 🙂
    My deepest sympathies too! What is it with large car owners! *shakes head*
    I’ve had this experiance many times. I’ve also been lucky and jumped out of the way in time. There’s a strange satisfaction in knowing you just deprived a driver of saturating yet another pedestrian. *cheeky grin*.

    Wishing you more sunnier days!!


    • belfastdavid Says:


      I think Tikarma the poem was by way of expressing my frustration as well as seeing the funny side’
      Why is it that you never have a brick in your pocket when you want one? 🙂

      We are in a run of grey days here, but there has been no return of the snow and the days continue to get longer 🙂

      My best to you and Jamie and Jackie Bear


  8. *Chuckle* Sorry, it’s just funnier when it happens to someone else.

    Snow is beautiful, until it starts to melt. In Georgia, we have the added treat of red dirt (mud) which is really stubborn to remove on wash day.

    Remember: Spring flowers will drink the melting snow and make you smile again when they bloom. Meanwhile, I should be honest and tell you that I have been looking at, and considering buying a used……yep! At least it’s not black.

    Much love,

    • belfastdavid Says:

      *Big Smile*

      Where you live Shirley a Range Rover makes all sorts of sense. In the city streets of Leeds it makes no sense whatsoever!!!

      And maybe when you are driving it this poem will come into your head as you move up to pass walkers on the side of the road 🙂

      Much love

  9. hehe! i know that splash ….

  10. lol I would love to have a trip in that car though… :). Driving and splashing … Definitely the best part of Winter! 😛

  11. Depends lol if you would drive me home, as I have no lisence!

    • belfastdavid Says:

      Now that’s all I need – a black Range Rover growling up behind me driven by a person with no licence!! 🙂

  12. Or is that license ; anyway, great poem 🙂

  13. :)Well true as that may be, who is the one getting splashed here? (You can’t beat logic!)

    • belfastdavid Says:

      *Big Smile*

      I am beginning to suspect Ina that you were behind the wheel of that Range Rover last Saturday 🙂

  14. Sstt 🙂 it is just that everyone was driving on the wrong side of the road really!

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