Ten years ago
someone bought me
a Christmas tree,
complete with baubles,
for my birthday.

Every year I think
time to replace it.
Every year it comes
back out again.

A little bit
like myself really,
slightly frayed
round the edges,
showing signs of age
but a survivor.

I brought it out today,
hung the decorations,
lit the lights.
It makes me smile,

this time mixed with tears,
good tears, in celebration
of another survivor.
We will all have
a good Christmas this year.


32 Responses to “Carol”

  1. I too am this little tree…a survivor who has been well loved.
    Let’s celebrate shall we?!
    Much love and Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    May God bless us one and all!!
    ~ Angela

    • belfastdavid Says:

      We are all I guess “this little tree” Angela.
      And I do think we should celebrate!

      Much love and Merry Christmas to you and yours too.
      God bless

  2. David, this is special, and really moving.

    I know how you have been through it with Carol andf her family over recent months, and Im sure you have been a great strength to her.

    I love every sigle word of this! The sentiments for the tree and the reference to yourself. That particular line reminded me of Bagpuss! I trust you know who Bagpuss is!

    You and I, along with many others are survivors,but of a different nature. We could choose to survive whereas Carol had no choice. What brilliant news, and I hope you all have the lovliest day together at CFhristmas.

    Lots od love



    • belfastdavid Says:

      Thank you Christine,

      The whole episode has been a reminder to me to be grateful for I have a lot to be grateful for – not least some very good and valued friends.

      I do know who Bagpuss is – the reference made me smile, if somewhat wryly!! 🙂

      I am really looking forward now to Christmas with Carol and ger family. Friends, after all, are the family we choose for ourselves 🙂

      Lots of love

  3. Elaine Randall English Says:

    Super nice my friend. Christmas can be full of ups and downs….but ups are all that count! May all your days be UPWARDS! and all your poems be UP WORDS!

    • belfastdavid Says:

      Thank you Elaine,

      I am always delighted when you drop in.
      And I promise – more UP WORDS over the Christmas period!

  4. A beautiful carol for your Carol, David. It is hard to give up those things that have withstood time with us. Take a picture of the tree for us to see, would you?

    • belfastdavid Says:

      Thank you Susan,

      As regards it being hard to give things up – don’t encourage me, I have great trouble throwing things away!! 🙂

      I will see about a picture of the tree

  5. di710 smiles Says:

    Awww Love this So, much meaning in write Shining light n Touching..Light you are Merry Christmas LovePeace~Blessings, shared:)

    • belfastdavid Says:

      Thank you,

      Lovely to have you visit.

      Love, Peace and blessings are there to be shared – delighted to share them with you

  6. peta straatman Says:

    I am so glad for your good friend Carol and her family – she and Darcy have not been mentioned in your daily round in recent months and I hoped the trouble was not there.

    When things turned out okay in the end for my mum, my enervating, emotional reaction showed just how afraid I’d been under the confident, supportive, cheerful front I’m sure I put up! Sounds like it might be the same for you – I’m afraid it’s virtual TLC but here’s a big warm hug for you.

    luv peta

    • belfastdavid Says:

      Thank you Peta,

      A big warm hug is always appreciated – virtual or otherwise. 🙂

      And now that things have eased for us both we might have a chance to get that coffee. I will be in touch in the New Year


      • peta straatman Says:

        I look forward to the coffee in anticipation – we will by then have allowed enough time for the beans to be harvested and processed … 🙂

      • belfastdavid Says:


        You have a good Christmas Peta – Look forward to seeing you


  7. I don’t know any back story as some folks do who made comment here, but such knowledge isn’t needed for this wonderful piece which stands alone in its power to evoke bitter, sweet, tear-stained, love-worn, comfortable and not-so-comfortable memories.

    Merry Christmas

    • belfastdavid Says:

      Thank you Leeza,

      Your comment is much appreciated – the poem needed to work in its own right without any knowledge of the background and your comment tells me it does 🙂

      And I love your phrase – “bitter, sweet, tear-stained, love-worn, comfortable and not-so-comfortable memories”. aren’t all the memories which are worth keeping just like that! 🙂

      Merry Christmas to you too

  8. ((((BSH))))
    This is such a loving a moving poem David. I don’t know the backstory but through the sentiments you’ve expressed here I can see and feel how much love there is and how much Carol is cherished much like your little tree.
    Way back in the day evergreens were used specifically because they remain green through the cold winter months, the candles lit were lights of hope in the darkness and assurance that a greater light will return.
    Some of the old symbology that Christmas comes from…

    Your poem back to me those old associations of hope and life and the celebration of all that is good within our lives.

    I hope you have a most warm and cheerful Christmas. May your lights shine that extra bit brighter for you and Carol this year.


    • belfastdavid Says:

      Thank you Tikarma,

      As I said to Leeza, I am pleased that the poem works without knowledge of the back story. Although I perhaps could have made it clearer by saying the it was Carol who bought the tree for me in the first place. She, Duncan and Darcy I regard as more family than friends.

      I love the background you have supplied. I was sitting yesterday in my living room with only the light from the Christmas tree on. I could feel that hope which you describe – There will be a poem from that posted before Christmas. 🙂

      And I am looking forward to the sort of Christmas you have wished for me. Thank you


  9. can very much relate … sometimes things stay the same, not because they don’t need to change, and not because we can’t change them …. but because better is not always more

  10. Peter Doyle Says:

    Good one…

  11. Vera Hazelgrove Says:

    It’s such a nice poem! You are preparing well for Christmas!
    There is something about being familiar with something and associating with the giver, – my Christmas tree is from the late 1980’s from my ex father-in-law sent from overseas. It is as if a little part of him is here for Christmas – and maybe that is why you have trouble parting with yours …
    I wish you more nice Advent hours with your Christmas lights on, – not long to go now!
    Vera & Karley

    • belfastdavid Says:


      There is indeed Vera “something about being familiar with something”
      I also have…………….Ah, too long a list but all things which have a memory and a person associated with them – they bring me comfort and warmth.

      My lights are on now and I am enjoying the Advent period.

      My very best to both you and Karley

  12. Now that’s a smile. Don’t stand too still, or you will begin gathering gifts beneath you as well.

  13. David,

    Your have been writing some truly excellent poetry lately. You write from the heart, and it shows.
    I don’t know what has happened with your friend Carol. I do remember how often you spoke of her, and how much she and her family mean to you–I think of them as part of your family too. I hope she is better.
    We all have things we keep, and bring out when the occasion permits, to hold closer those moments and people most important in our memories. It keeps us grounded in this rushed and crowded world. I have a candle burning beside a snow globe. 🙂

    Much love to you and best of wishes to all the people you love this Christmastime.
    I hope the new year finds all of us here writing of happy days.


    • belfastdavid Says:


      This is a lovely message – Thank you
      With what has happened over the past few months I find myself moving in to the Christmas period full of gratitude. It is a time I can re-visit those things I keep and smile at the memories they carry with them. I too have a snow globe. 🙂

      Much love to you too and best wishes to all those you hold dear.

      I too am looking forward to the New year.


  14. Hi David, liked the poem!
    I hope your tree will have bright lights to make the last part of this year special! And I think it will be special if I read between the lines? Merry Christmas 🙂

  15. Love how this concludes, David. The weight of memories on the branches of older trees is always heavier, but it’s exactly that, that makes them stronger.

    • belfastdavid Says:

      I look forward Leigh to being able to get the tree out again next year when both it and myself will be another year older

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