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A Christmas Poem

Posted in Poetry with tags , on December 21, 2010 by belfastdavid

As I look back, this time of year,
across decades of sobriety
I am moved by the message
running through them –
hope underlies everything.

The torch was lit long time ago;
although it sometimes flickers,
its light remains forever there.
It was the return of hope
which gave me my life back.

So I sit quietly now
in the glow of lights
on my Christmas tree,
Today nothing is perfect;
exactly how it should be.




Posted in Poetry on December 16, 2010 by belfastdavid

Ten years ago
someone bought me
a Christmas tree,
complete with baubles,
for my birthday.

Every year I think
time to replace it.
Every year it comes
back out again.

A little bit
like myself really,
slightly frayed
round the edges,
showing signs of age
but a survivor.

I brought it out today,
hung the decorations,
lit the lights.
It makes me smile,

this time mixed with tears,
good tears, in celebration
of another survivor.
We will all have
a good Christmas this year.

To Die For

Posted in Poetry with tags on December 10, 2010 by belfastdavid

To die for,the waitress said
when I asked about
the bread and butter pudding.

We sat beside a window
in an Art Deco restaurant
looked out across the promenade,
waves getting ever closer,

walked back to an apartment
we had rented in a house
once occupied by Bram Stoker,
Sandsend visible from one window,
the Abbey from another.

When I visit now
the restaurant is gone,
its survival never more likely
than that of our relationship.

I sit upon the sand,
out of reach of breaking waves.
To die for, the waitress says.