Important Things

For years I have written
about what I thought
were the important things.

I have written about love,
I have written about nature,
I have written about the spirit,
I have written about recovery,
I have written about sex.

But one casual remark
in my status on Face Book
gives away the truth,

What really, really
turns people on,
inspires them
to heights of passion,
is chocolate.



36 Responses to “Important Things”

  1. So very, very true and now they are saying that by 2030 a chocolate bar that now costs $1.00 will cost $11.00. . . ah well. . . death by chocolate as I most likely will not be around by 2030. . . 🙂

    • belfastdavid Says:

      Thank you Nance,

      I guess neither you or I will be eating chocolate in 2030. Although, perhaps if we stop eating it now we might get to 2030 🙂

  2. David,

    Well done. You managed to get a very good poem out of those comments!

    I wish I could send you a Hershey’s Kiss. 🙂

    Much love,

  3. A great poem to end the ‘HobNob Saga’!

    Glad you posted it.

    I may consume obscene amounts of chocolate over this weekend. Dont think there will be much guilt there either!!

    Lots of love



    • belfastdavid Says:

      Ah, I suspect Christine, that the HobNob saga might well run and run.

      They were on 2 for 1 offer in my supermarket today.

      Enjoy your weekend away

      Lots of love

  4. That is just about the size of it, David, and I admit to being overwhelmingly in love with the damned stuff. Yup.

    • belfastdavid Says:

      *Big Smile*

      Thank you Jerry.

      I am not supposed to eat chocolate, but a little treat now and again is difficult to resist 🙂


  5. Hahaha!!! I keep my chocolate in the medicine cabinet – it is THAT essential!

  6. sarah Jones Says:

    ‘Tis very true David 🙂

    Who would have thought that a chocolate Hobnob could evoke so much passion and response, a lovely poem about chocolate, whats not to love 🙂 xxx

  7. I am a SERIOUS Chocoholic!

  8. Leeza Coleman Says:

    I could have told you this about chocolate when I was twenty years old. And, the sequitur? Any time now.

  9. Leeza Coleman Says:

    Ooooh! I was so busy being snarky, I forgot to say that the poem is adorable. ~smirk~

  10. chocolate ?! lol! i so did not see that coming! great ink my friend!

  11. Very cute! 🙂

    It’s a futile battle to resisit chocolate.
    A treat everynow and then is a very good thing in my book. 🙂

    Enjoy the hobnobs.


    • belfastdavid Says:


      It is certainly futile for me to resist milk chocolate HobNobs on a permanent basis. If I have a packet in the house they talk to me! 🙂

      Your book says some very wise things

      Take care

  12. The big question is, David, did you buy the 2 for 1?!!!

    lots of love



  13. Chocolate is the once true constant, after all.

  14. Vera Hazelgrove Says:

    I’m amazed how you keep getting us to smile!
    Even Karley checks for chocolate splinters on the kitchen floor … and she is not supposed to eat any!
    Big chocolate grin!!!

    Vera & Karley

    • belfastdavid Says:

      Ah, Karley is a dog after my own heart – I am not supposed to eat any either! 🙂

      My best to Karley and to you


  15. That is so true, David, as you’ll’ve read in my Myspace blog over the summer. Chocolate rules-takes you to a different Galaxy. Your poem was refreshingly tasty (:

  16. yea the way to a man’s heart is through the hershey bar 🙂

  17. That is freaky David. I wrote on facebook about chocolate biscuits on 18 November but have only just read this so it must have been a premonition…either that or you are BANG ON! I love your work. You are my favourite online poet….100%

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