Wishing my life away here perhaps,
or pointing up that Eliot did not speak for us all as regards the cruellest month
or maybe just reminding you all that it is my birthday next month. *Smile*



when the cruel heat of August
at last recedes,
a breeze picks up
polluted air
gathered for so long
in the city,
leaves me free to breathe;

when I move past
the long sterile
days of August,
can see again
the change of colours
reflecting in the rain
as it dithers
outside my window;

when autumn disperses
the mists of inertia
which envelop me,
restores my sense
of wishing
to be alive.

my birth month,
when I am reborn
each year.


26 Responses to “September”

  1. Sandy (Seeker of Truth) Says:

    Smiling at your view of September, and mine of August!! LOL I have lately come to the conclusion that they are all wonderful, and I am thankful to be here, to enjoy them!! Lovely write David!!!

    • belfastdavid Says:

      What a good job Sandy we are not all the same 🙂

      Although if we all shared that gratitude just to be here the world might be a better place.

      Thank you


  2. The hated August is almost over. The summer of 2010 has not been kind to me. Here’s hoping your birth month will be everything it should be. There has to be a grand poetical masterpiece coming forth from you. No excuses. See what you get when you advertise your birthday.

    • belfastdavid Says:

      It has not really been kind to me either Jerry. I was bolstered by the knowledge that “This too shall pass.*

      I look forward to the renewed creative energy September will bring.

      My best to you

  3. September is a cruel month in Florida.

  4. I like this. Everyone has a special time of year that represents a time of renewal for them. It’s nice that your birth month is that time for you, Irish. You’ve captured what it means to you beautifully.

    I hope you get everything your heart desires for your birthday.

    Much love,

    • belfastdavid Says:

      Thank you Shirley,

      To wake up on my birthday grateful to be alive is always my best birthday present.

      Much love to you

  5. september always makes me think of books and new pencils and binders … school supplies. i think it was my favorite part of school … getting a new folder with the latest cartoon characters on it.

    and september still holds that …. well, enchantment … for getting ready for another year. outfitting oneself for another adventure ….

    • belfastdavid Says:

      Someone on FaceBook just made a very similar comment so perhaps there is something in it – a subconscious relation to the start of a new school year.

      I have, as it happens, sorted through my old notebooks and started a new one in preparation for September.

      Anothere adventure on its way. Smile

  6. Peter Doyle Says:

    mmmm… spring time here… delghtful time. : )

  7. I too was dropped into a cooling world with bright leaves falling all around. The apples were crisp then and I was crisp ready to be bitten and give up my flavors to the pleasure of friendly teeth. You’ve say it so well, David. Always, you inspire the elevation of my words to more pure atmospheres. Thank you for the gift of sharing.

  8. I really enjoyed this poem David.
    There is a lovely sweeping feeling through your words. They describe my sentiments in reverse.
    I’ve certainly done my dash of winter by this point and am very much looking forward to the warmer weather of Spring.
    I really like your line of feeling you can breathe again with the upsweep of a fresh breeze and the sense of re-birth.

    I hope as you move into your birth month, that uplifitng and re-birthing spirit will infuse itself upon you, clearing away debri and making room for new experiances, carving a path of inspiration and new sense of positivity.

    Take care
    P.S. an email is in its way! 🙂

    • belfastdavid Says:


      Different parts of the world, same time of year, different expectations. Yet I guess my rebirth is not so different from your own experience of spring.

      I smiled too at your words “sweeping feeling”. This poem felt like hard work to write – struggling through the August malasie – so if it came across as you describe I am delighted.

      I look forward to the email

      Take care (Deep breaths)

  9. nice blog…great treat coming in here…august says goodbye to winter in this underbelly of the globe and september says hello less clothing…….

    • belfastdavid Says:

      Clearly the Australians are arriving together in this blog. *Smile*

      Enjoy your spring, as I shall enjoy my autumn.


  10. Great minds think alike lol. Was only going down this route, sitting by a lake waiting for fish that didn’t want to play yesterday. Excellent as usual my friend.

  11. Love this David. It was the accumulation of polution in the city air of ’76 that drove me out to the fresh air of Cornwall. But yes, like you, I relish the fresh coolness of Autumn.

    I like the new Weblog.

    All the Best ~ Res

    • belfastdavid Says:

      Thank you Res,

      It has been in my mind for some time to follow your example – a move to Whitby seems very attractive. We shall see.

      Although I never visit there in August – too many blasted tourists 🙂


  12. I hope you have a merry September birthday. Yes, Autumn does have a mellowness away from ther humidity & commotion of the summer months. Your poem recaptures that & invites to take in some golden afternoons…Funny, I’ve been out walking alot more in September. Creative blessings & glad my comments are registering on your link (:

    • belfastdavid Says:

      Thank you Jeff for all your comments – they are much appreciated.

      I am having a much better September than I did August. And, like you, am getting out and walking more.

      Life is good


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